Finally A Pill Drug Companies And Casinos Can Agree On

The casinos have been waiting for this moment for a long, long time! I saw this commercial on TV today and I just couldn't help myself.

I give you the amazing Mirapex (Pramipexole Diehydrochloride)! This pills side effects actually include "intense gambling urges"! Now that is just hilarious... what will the come up with next?

You can't even make this stuff up, check out their site here! What is this world coming to? This pill is for Restless Leg Syndrome which of course is just another "condition" that the doctors and pharmaceutical companies came up with so the could make a pill to cure it. My only question is what's the secret ingredient that causes these intense gambling urges... whatever it is I am sure the casino owners are all over it : ) You can check out some homemade remedies here!

Vasco Data Securities Impressive Results

That was a beautiful thing... up almost 13% on a down 300 day means there are good things to come. Added 631 new customers 113 of those banks during the past quarter is a very good sign of continued growth as well. "VASCO (vdsi) said banks and financial institutions represented the biggest chunk of second-quarter revenues, with the majority outside the U.S. Europe accounted for 65 percent of revenues, Asia 16 percent, the U.S. 8 percent and other countries 14 percent." Impressive that they can produce those kind of earnings with only 8% in the United States...

Not to mention CEO Ken Hunt said global expansion is part of the companies long-term strategy and it plans to open offices in Tokyo and Sao Paolo, Brazil... Sounds good to me. Lastly they are just under a billion in market cap, not a very large company but with solid and growing revenues and customer base. So, while this stock is slightly "expensive" on a p/e basis it only has a small amount of analyst coverage and the few who do cover the stock will be upgrading it soon and with even more analysts jumping on board comes the big money. As long as Vasco can continue to produce results like these this stock should continue to run... What are your thoughts on todays earning report? For more information you can always visit their site here.

Google: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Google reported earnings today that missed by three cents ($3.56 earning per share vs the estimated $3.59 per share) and beat in revenues! This will be a good buying opportunity in the end, but tomorrow and even the next few weeks might be a bit rough. Google is still growing it's cash pile as well and I like that at least they admitting that the hiring/expense was a little out of control. At least they recognize this and will try and tighten up the loose ends as they feel the growing pains.

It seems as if everyone will be on the bandwagon for a bit, but the long term story has not changed. The internet is growing everyday and google has a ton of different revenue streams that they just decide to give away for free. This just creates more and more user loyalty and in turn ad dollars... Think about it how often do you use Google everyday? Or think about how many new Internet users there are everyday. Or how about all the opportunities in mobile phone advertising, print advertising and audio advertising that are just starting for the big Goog. I got another one how about the presidential election next year and all the money that we be spent to try and bag the young voters.

Hold tight everyone this is gonna be a rocky ride!

Finally George W. Bush Serves A Purpose!

I have been waiting for this day since he was elected into office! I never would have thought he would be so eco-friendly either! Long live this version of George W. Bush...

For more about our lovely president check out this post or find out what I think about solar power here.

Side Effects Include

Your doctor turning into a drug dealer, big corporations pumping pills down the throats of everyone in America including our children, companies getting rich while people die from taking unsafe pills that the FDA approved, and people taking anti-depressants killing themselves because the pills "may cause suicidal thoughts"

Did I miss something or did the FDA just give up on testing drugs before they hit the market. This is just another big reason why we need universal health care. Drug companies should only be allowed to advertise to doctors and people in the medical community not individuals! You can't turn on the tv for 5 minutes without getting bombarded with drug commercials that list a spew of horrible side effects. Yet you really should still see your drug dealer, I mean doctor for more information about this life changing drug. There is something very wrong with this picture...

These videos below show just how out of control the drug companies have become!

My favorite has to be the radioactive butterfly that flies on into your bedroom and puts you right to sleep... ah these pills make me feel so good and cure everything... maybe those big pharma companies aren't so bad ; )

Any thoughts?

The Last Gasp For Climate Change Skeptics

A Study released just today proves that the sun cycle actually has nothing to do with our planets recent warming. This comes as no surprise to most people in the scientific community as this theory has only recently been dragged into the spotlight as an alternative to man-made global warming.

The great global warming swindle was based on this theory (I use the term lightly) that the sun is actually causing climate change. Even though this documentary was quickly debunked by experts there are still some holdouts (mostly the ones funded by oil & energy companies) out there that actually believe that humans could not possibly alter the climate of an entire planet. Well, the sad realty is that is exactly what is happening! The only bright spot is that as more scientific research comes out there are fewer and fewer non-believers.

So what is the USA going to do about it? Not a lot so far beside pass a half-ass law to reduce emissions by a small amount. Mind you we are already way behind most other countries when it come to fuel standards. It just seems like there is a lot of talk and no real action. In fact, lately it would seem as if they are trying to just pass the blame over to China. Sure China is a big growing problem, but aren't we supposed to be the leaders of the free world? Shouldn't we be setting an example for the rest of the world like we used to? (You know back when people were actually proud to be an American) Wouldn't America's actually benefit for all the new jobs created by the transition to alternative energies and higher fuel efficiencies?

Oh wait I forgot that our government and their bloody, oily hands rake in money day after day on the backs of average Americans by gouging them at the pump and not giving two thoughts about our future generations and their lives on this planet. It is time that we stood up not only as Americans but as the human race and say enough is enough. The technologies are out there just waiting to explode onto the mainstream market. Solar, wind, geothermal, electric cars (not hydrogen as Mr. George W. would like you to believe) are things that are available to us now we simply don't harness their power. What are you thoughts? Is this possible or are we already past a tipping point?

You can also view the actual report from the BBC here!

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