Do They Really Think We Are That Stupid?

What a joke this ad is... What is wrong with the people that think they can get away with this? Let's see there is constantly more and more science coming out that says just how harmful CO2 and other greenhouse gases are and then they pull something like this... have they no shame? To learn more about the producers of this video click here!

This was not the first time we have had the wool pulled over our eyes when it comes to serious issues... Take a look at this next clip and find out just which kind of cig Fred Flintstone prefers!

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John Kanzius: Another Water Powered Car?

I am sure some of you may have heard of Stanley Myers, but how about John Kanzius? This a similar discovery only this guy fortunately for the rest of us, is still alive to tell us about it.

John Kanzius while trying to discover a cure for cancer stumbled upon a way to create fuel from salt water. Below is a video that shows us exactly how this amazing process is accomplished.

Please spread this around to everyone you know so this along with countless other inventions out there doesn't get swept under the carpet by the government or a large energy company like Exxon that is hell bent on destroying the world and making a fat profit. They have everything to lose if an invention like this makes it to the mainstream!

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