A Brighter Outlook for Green Energy

It's time for a change. More and more people are voicing their opionion about high oil and energy prices. So, what do you think the solution is? Here are my thoughts, first I think that governments in the world should provide more subsidies or tax credits for Solar, Wind, Geothermal, and other forms of "Green Energy". On a smaller level, I also believe corporations and individuals need to receive at least half of their energy from these type of energy sources and eventually even higher. The problem is that this issue needs to be solved on a global level and with tensions growing in the world every day, I don't know if any one nation can even begin to solve this growing phenomenon. So, do you know how I am going to do my part? Well, I am putting my money where my mouth is. I mean what could be better than making money and saving mother nature at the same time? Companies like Evergreen Solar stock symbol (eslr), Sunpower (stp), Suntech (spwr), Zoltek (zolt), Quantum (qtww) and Ormat (ora) are all great growth stories of alternative energy. With the price of oil, very uncertain and most likely not headed south with the Middle East situation, and the huricane season bearing down on us. We need to take action immediately, and if the government isn't going to subsidies them, then perhaps the individual investor like me or you can, and maybe even make a bit of mula in the process. Join the alternative energy revolution, and help save us from our own human ignorance, before it is too late. Voice your opinion below in comments and please watch the videos throughout the blog for even more info on global warming and alternative energy.

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