What Would Happen If Politics Didn't Get In The Way?

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best... This video breaks down the monumental problem of climate change into three easy answers. Sure, I am sure all you nah-sayers will be up in arms saying things are much more complicated then that, but they're really not. We have to start somewhere, and what better place to look to for inspiration then our children? After all they are the ones that will feel the brunt of the effects that climate change will have on our planet over the next 100 years.

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Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

As I watch the United States economy slipping farther and farther into recession like territory I can't help but wonder if things could have been different? Sure, I know most of this mess is caused by the major downturn in housing, and serious overvaluations in some real estate markets such as California and Florida, but still that is not the case here in Michigan, and many other states through the country.

Most of us were just hit with problems caused by outsourcing ever single job we could to places were we could manufacture things cheaper like China and India. Now with the dollar plummeting to new lows and the Chinese filling our kids with lead and threating to sell ever dollar they own we have to look back and think... hmmm perhaps we made a mistake somewhere along the lines.

The truth is things could have been much different if we were looking towards the future instead of concentrating on making a quick buck. $100 oil is here and doesn't appear to be going anywhere with winter time just around the corner and how did we plan for this as a country? The answer is we didn't.

What we should have done was start manufacturing as much alternative energy as we can, solar, wind, geothermal ect. We should have been building these plants up like crazy over the past few years, especially with all the science coming out about climate change, and how almost ever scientist out there is SCREAMING at us that we need to change our ways before it was just too late... so what did we do... nothing.

If the state and local governments could have put in major tax incentives (not the half-ass ones we have in place now) for business's and residences to go green this would have created a huge demand for these type of items which would in turn create jobs and supported our economy. Not too mention people could have been buying all new houses that were "green" and would actually save on heating and electricity cost. Instead we are looking at a weak dollar, depreciating house values, high oil, a shrinking middle class and a climate that from the looks of it is going to cause the world to become much less livable in the very near future.

Take a look at the video below... even the International Energy Agency is telling us that we missed the boat.

Preach On Brother!

Ross Gelbspan, author of "the heat is on" and "boiling point" spoke Sept 2007 at the international forum on globalization. Please take some time to listen to what he has to say, this man has been studying the subject for the past 10 years and knows quite a bit about the issue that is climate change. There is a lot of talk these days about how to handle such a immense issue, well have a listen because this guy actually has the answers...

What really bothers me is that The United States is suppose to be a leader when it comes to world issues like this, but with George in office he and his administration have completely turned their back's on scientific fact, and sided with the energy companies. I know I can sound like a broken record sometimes, but this is the sad truth. For more about our president and his evil tactics check out this post or for more information about the speaker in the above video Ross Gelbspan check out his website here.

We need to realize that this is an issue we need to deal with now, not later. We can't let politics get in the way of saving humanity from itself...

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