George W. Bush On His Way Out

Under the last- minute rules George Bush has passe the following...

"loaded firearms would be allowed in national parks, uranium mining would be permitted near the Grand Canyon and many injured consumers would no longer be able to sue negligent manufacturers in state courts. Other rules would gut the Endangered Species Act, open millions of acres of wild lands to mining, restrict access to birth control and put local cops to work spying for the federal government."

Just something to think about...

KBR And Haliburton Getting $100 Per Load Of Laundry

This video just goes to show just how much money we are wasting everyday in Iraq... Sad really that KBR/Haliburton is raking in all the money at the cost of our military... Greed is king and this is proof...

Humans, Trust Me You Don't Want Em!

Like an infectious disease we spread across our planet destroy what was built so many years ago... Maybe a change at the head of our country will help curb this machine that is development, only time will tell...

Bush Gets Shoe Thrown At Him

I am sure if you follow the blog at all you know that I disagree with almost everything that our current president George W. has done over his 8 years of destruction, but I gotta give him one thing he would probably be pretty good at dog ball! Watch as this Iraqi throws a shoe at him during his press conference today...

To Bad They Are Computer Illiterate

All it takes is a bit of research to find the truth, but I don't think some people want to accept the truth...

Global Warming 101

Maybe if you don't believe me you will take the word of National Geographic...

John McCain Latest Tactics

In case you missed the debate last night here is the best photo from the night. It happened right at the end of the debate. If you missed the debate or would like to vote on who won just click here!

The Climate Wars Part 2

This episode of The Climate Wars shows the other side of the climate change debate. It takes a look at the climate skeptics and gives their point of view. Seriously, I can't believe there are still so many ignorant people still out there. I mean either way shouldn't we be moving towards energy independence? It is a fact that the earth is warming and the glaciers are melting... Shouldn't we do something about it instead of having the debate being clouded by politics and oil money.

To view part one of The Climate War click here!

ABC Won't Aired Climate Change Ad

The real hypocrisy here is that ABC will take the oil companies money, but not someone who is promoting CLEAN RENEWABLE energy! Everyone with half a brain knows that this is the solution to a lot of our problems. Watch the video below and decide for yourself if it is too "controversial".

Sign the petition here against ABC!

Sarah Palin's #1 Supporter

She may be little, but it looks like she has that bulldog attitude...

Bush And Putin

It will be November soon don't worry...

Who The Hell Is Sarah Palin?

It really upsets me that politicians can just outright lie to the American public with absolutely no consequences. In fact, these lies might be what changes the election this year. Why is it that they think that they can get away with it. This will be one of the most important elections in history and the Republicans are trying to muddy the waters to get us to focus on something else other than the issues. We are at war, the economy is in the shitter, we are destroying are planet at record rates, our education system has fallen behind, and all we want to talk about is lipstick. Who give a .... about lipstick!

Here is a video that shows you the real Sarah Palin. The only thing they forgot is that she doesn't believe in climate change. What an ignorant beauty queen...

Massive Arctic Ice Shelf Breaks Away

As the climate change picture continues to worsen around the world there is more bad news out of the Arctic. A huge 19 square mile (55 square km) ice shelf in Canada's northern Arctic broke away last month and the remaining shelves have shrunk at a "massive and disturbing" rate, the latest sign of accelerating climate change in the remote region.

As anyone can find out by doing a little research, temperatures in the Arctic have rise far faster than the global average as a direct result of global warming.

Unfortunately these changes are irreversible under the present climate and indicate that the environmental conditions that have kept these ice shelves in balance for thousands of years are no longer present. The total amount of ice lost from the shelves along Ellesmere Island this summer totaled 83 square miles -- more than three times the area of Manhattan island. The figure is more than 10 times the amount of ice shelf cover that scientists estimated on July 30 would vanish from around the island this summer.

The first sign of serious recent erosion in the five shelves came in late July, when sheets of ice totaling almost eight square miles broke off the Ward Hunt shelf. Since then that shelf has lost another 8.5 square miles. Ellesmere Island was once home to a single enormous ice shelf totaling around 3,500 square miles. All that is left of that shelf today are the four much smaller shelves that together cover little more than 300 square miles.

When will we ever learn?

The North Pole May Be Ice Free This Year!

A dire warning about how bad climate change really is becoming. Most people would have thought that the North Pole becoming ice free in their lifetime wasn't possible and now here we are just a couple years later and it could actually happen. Scary really that it has gotten this bad and still no major changes from the top green house gas emitters. Here is a short interview with Tony Blair discussing climate change...

New Study Shows The Arctic Is Melting Even Faster!

Back when I first started this site people said that the Arctic Ice melting was impossible. Even the "bold" predictions that it would be gone by 2050 were dismissed by the skeptics of Global Warming. Here we are only two years later, and we are arguing about who has the rights to the shipping passages that have opened up for the first time in modern history. Please wake up world before it's too late, listen to the scientists instead of the oil and coal companies and the politicians that they control. We are at a tipping point now more than ever and we still continue on, business as usual. The time for a change is now...

Here is a bit of the report that was released...

Scientists on the project say that much of the ice is so thin that it melts easily, and the Arctic may be ice-free in summer within five to 10 years.

"We had a bit more ice in the winter, although we were still way below the long-term average," said Julienne Stroeve from NSIDC in Boulder, Colorado.

"So we had a partial recovery; but the real issue is that most of the pack ice has become really thin, and if we have a regular summer now, it can just melt away," she told BBC News.

In March, Nasa reported that the area covered by sea ice was slightly larger than in 2007, but much of it consisted of thin floes that had formed during the previous winter. These are much less robust than thicker, less saline floes that have already survived for several years.

But from a climate point of view, the melt could bring global impacts accelerating the rate of warming and of sea level rise.

"This is a positive feedback process," commented Dr Ian Willis, from the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge.

"Sea ice has a higher albedo (reflectivity) than ocean water; so as the ice melts, the water absorbs more of the Sun's energy and warms up more, and that in turn warms the atmosphere more - including the atmosphere over the Greenland ice sheet."

Greenland is already losing ice to the oceans, contributing to the gradual rise in sea levels. The ice cap holds enough water to lift sea levels globally by about 7m (22ft) if it all melted.

You can read the entire article here!

What are you going to do to help?

Bush Had Never Heard Of $4 Gasoline

Just when I thought George W. Bush couldn't sink any lower this video comes out. From the Daily Show here is a clip of the president talking about $4 a gallon gasoline. Incidentally, the national average for gasoline just hit $4.00 and we haven't even had any hurricanes yet... I said it before and I will say it again, Bush is a damn fool!

Going Green Will Create More Jobs...Duh!

I have been saying this for a while now, but it is not often that you can actually find someone that agrees with me. All the talk coming out of the present administration is that we can't sign the Kyoto Protocol, can't reduce emissions, can't help the environment because it would hurt the economy. The joke is on them because now the economy is being crippled by high gas prices... Ah leave it to Bush, what an amazingly intelligent president we have : )

Van Jones, founder of Green for All knows what he is talking about... have a listen!

Rich Man's War

As soon as I heard this song by Steve Earle I was instantly hooked. You don't really hear it on the radio, but I have heard it a few times on Pandora. I ran across this video on Youtube, it has the song and the lyrics. Have a listen, it is called Rich Man's War...

What do you think about this song?

100th Post At Growing Growing Gone

Typical George W. Bush... Dragging his feet on climate change! I heard someone in the store today call him a devil... I myself am beginning to wonder! I can't wait for all those new nuclear power plants he talks about in the speech below, that way when we have a nice earthquake like the one in China the other day we can all become X-men mutants... It will be a great world! O wait or maybe we could use all that nuclear waste from all those new power plants and give it to Nevada to hold... after all if it's underground it is no problem right? All that clean coal too... I just can't wait! What a damn ignorant fool...

On a side note polar bears were put on the protected species list today... a step in the right direction, but what is this really going to accomplish. I have talked about climate change over the past couple years on this site, and it seems as if here in The United States nothing has really done nothing. The consequences are everywhere though, new studies come out all the time about how much ice is melting in Greenland, the Arctic and virtually ever other glacier in the world. Cyclones and tornadoes are ravaging parts of the world, but that's no real problem right? Let's all talk about the economy and how our poor house is going down in value... Get your head out of your ass!

Phew, glad I got that out... now let's take a look at the past 100 post here at Growing Growing Gone...

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Side Effect Include

I could go on and on, but those are just some of the highlights from the past year. Thoughts are welcome...

Who I Would Vote For?

Really not a tough question considering what the moron in office has done over the past 8 years... we need change and we need it 4 years ago! So, obviously I would vote Democratic whether it is Hilary or Obama I really don't care, because there is no way that I would consider McCain a fit candidate.

That being said if it is blowout, like I expect it to be and the Democrats are killing the Republicans in the polls this is who I am going to write in for president... Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont who is a Independent... that right an elected official that is not a Democrat or Republican! Who knew such a thing could even exist a politician that is not just a puppet show for special interests... crazy : )

I was beginning to think I was the only one that thought like this...


Al Gore: How Dare We Be Optimistic

This video just released and is an updated version of Al Gore's famous slide show on climate change that was presented around the world. With ice levels continuing to shrink, and droughts around the world worsening over the past few years, I think people are finally beginning to realize that this is in fact a crisis.

It is so true that if we had a drought like the one in Australia the American people would have a much different view on how severe climate change really is. Just because it hasn't happened here yet doesn't mean that we won't see it in the future. We have already experienced droughts, wintertime tornadoes, increasing temperatures, massive hurricanes and more violent storms.

The time for our government to act is now! How about creating some manufacturing plants for solar panels and wind turbine plants? How about manufacturing much higher fuel efficient vehicles instead of wasting our tax dollars on a unpopular war that has accomplished next to nothing? Our economy is in the tank and this would be a great way to create jobs and help solve the climate crisis at the same time. What we need now is the government subsidies from the oil and coal industries to be transferred to wind, solar and geothermal. This is the simple solution, the problem is that the oil and coal industries are the ones pulling the strings on the puppet in the White House and many other government officials. What is your say?

Bill Maher Gives You Something To Think About

This clip is both very funny and very disturbing... You have to admit though Iraq was one of the biggest mistakes in modern history. At least we can discuss it here in the states unlike in China where they sensor the Internet...

Point Of No Return?

This video highlights a lot of the different things that I have talked about in this blog over the past two years... for those of you who missed it, the planet is warming the glaciers are melting, droughts are increasing, wildfires are increasing, storms are becoming even more severe just like the tornadoes that hit Atlanta last night. Or how about the tornadoes that hit New York last year or the massive tornadoes that hit us in the middle of wintertime. These are far from normal occurrences and I am afraid things are just going to get worse until something is done...

David Letterman KO's Bill O'Reilly

"You are putting words in my mouth, just like the way you put artificial facts in your head." That was one of the best lines I have ever heard come out of David Letterman's mouth! It is funny that O'Reilly kept saying Bush was a evil man, running this country... hmmm perhaps he is starting to catch on after all! The facts are actually quite simple... we went over there because George W. Bush said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction... there were no weapons of mass destruction and there is no link between Iraq and 9-11... funny that most of the hi-jackers were from Saudia Arabia yet we don't even think about doing anything to them... afterall they give us lots of oil will no problems at all. The fact that Bill O'Reilly admitted it is all about oil says it all. American blood for oil... does that sound like a good idea to you?

Some Words From Dr. Richard Alley

Dr. Richard Alley, one of the lead author of the IPCC report discusses the importance of Greenland and what effects it could have on the sea levels. I here some people talk about how the figures are wrong and this and that, but really the specifics don't matter. If Greenland continues to melt the sea levels will rise, even if it is not as much as they think, it will still displace hoards of people...

Here is a bit more from Dr. Richard Alley... As he states in the video below we have been studying climate change for a long, long time now and there is truly no debate left. The world is warming whether or not you choose to understand the facts or listen to nonsense from oil and energy funded "scientists" is up to you...

Hummer... Because It's Cool

You know I actually see the point in producing a Hummer... I mean sure it works great for the military and maybe if you live in the backwoods somewhere that is very hard to access, but the majority of Hummer owners never even leave the highway. They drive back and forth from work stopping at the gas station on the way there and back. These machine are gas guzzling for the sake of gas guzzling. Perhaps their owners are trying to compensate for something if you know what I mean...

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