Is God Going To Save Us From Climate Change?

Well, I think not... in fact personally I think if he/she/it saw us messing up the planet the way that we are, why would he/she/it even care what happens to the human race? They gave us this beautiful planet and we have done nothing but plunder it's resources since the industrial revolution... Sure our grandparents and parents got us into this mess, but it is up to our generation to come up with real solutions to these global problems....

The video below is an interesting look at what the Evangelical Christian think about climate change... I think it is actually quite funny that there are still some people out there that believe this is some kind of political conspiracy. Why would there be some massive GLOBAL conspiracy? Pull your head out of the sand and do a little scientific research!

This is not just an issue in the USA it is happening all over the world and people are talking about it all over the world! These people are not republicans and democrats, they are simply humans that give a damn about our future generations!

Find out why some of us are so ignorant to the facts here or you can find out why the American government is a big part of the problem here!


nycnontheist said...

I know, I know, Because the American government is run by evangelical christians who believe in god, and they think that this god will protect America!! Right??
Come on by, friend!


1Green Thumb said...

I just find it ironic that we have a president that implied that God told him that it was the right thing to do when we attacked Iraq... hmmm perhaps it was Satan : )

I am not an atheist, but I am not of any real religion, I believe that humans do have a sense of right and wrong inside of us all and that we should try and help each other out for the greater good, no matter what religion you are.

We as American's are not doing the right thing in Iraq... they may be better off in the long run without Saddam, but they want us out of THEIR country, we are not supposed to be occupiers, but it sure looks like that is how it turned out. And our environment polices are certainly not even considering the greater good... it is a making a mockery of scientific evidence around the world really... and what does it all boiled down too, MONEY!

There is no doubt that some major changes are needed I just hope they come before it is too late...

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