A Canadian Perspective On Climate Change

Groups like "friends of science" and other organizations are popping up all over the place trying to debunk the overwhelming scientific evidence regarding climate change. Just like with the tobacco industry these energy companies and big politicians stand to lose big bucks if we are going to reduce or even eliminate the use of fossil fuels. They certainly don't care about what is going on to our climate, or what will happen to future generations if nothing is done... sadly they only care about the bottom line. Since our government seems to be spinning it's wheels as usual it is up to the average person to make a difference...

Senator John McCain on climate change

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Sooner Or Later...

God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash

Great song... today was the first day I saw the video. Enjoy the legend!

Richard Branson Offers 25 Million To Combat Climate Change

The following is an interesting interview with Al Gore and Sir Richard Branson... it is very nice to see people like Richard that actually care about our planet and our future generations. With more and more business leaders and people coming out and demanding change in our environmental policies perhaps we can begin to tackle this mounting problem...

If you don't believe a tree hugging hippie like me about climate change, maybe you should take a look at what CNN is reporting... Sad that it really breaks down to money and politics, but don't all of the big issues? Notice that on the list of the worst offenders, the USA is number 4, when are we going to take some responsiblity for our actions?

Flashback 4-20-06 alarming stats on global warming

Flashback 5-21-06 Greenland Glaciers


You Should Be Angry

Well, I am sure most of you have heard about the recent report on climate change. Just in case you missed it the assessment released by the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded for the first time that evidence of the earth's rising temperatures was "unequivocal" and that this warming was more than 90% likely to be the result of human activity. Pretty serious stuff coming from a panel of climate scientists! Yet here in the United States it certainly seems like nothing is going to be done... There really is just too much big oil/energy money involved... I mean isn't that George's excuse why we didn't sign the Kyoto protocol? He said it would hurt our economy.

So how about as Americans we simply change our everyday life and and for God's sake make some noise, I mean there is always power in numbers and change is possible no matter what anyone says. Stop being the typical self-centered individual and think about future generations.

Voice you opinion and help save humanity from itself before it is just too late...

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Digg This And Then Ban Exxon Mobile

The most powerful corporation is one of the most corrupt... for some reason this doesn't really surprise me in the world that we live in? Exxon Mobile has now been accused of trying to bribe scientists with $10,000 to change their scientific findings and dispute Global Warming. Not to mention, they just reported record profits of 39.5 billion dollars, so what are we going to do about it? Just sit around and watch gas prices and pollution levels rise along with their profits?

Maybe we should try and make them pay by boycotting their gas stations? Or better yet, walk or bike to work and on short trips. It is a small step that a lot of us could take against Exxon for... well lets see, trying to destroy the planet, and humanity itself with it's own greed.

Here is a couple videos take a look...

If you would like more proof you can check out Exxpose Exxon or stop Exxon Mobile!. It certainly seems to be up to our generation to make a difference, so get out there and do what you can...


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