A Canadian Perspective On Climate Change

Groups like "friends of science" and other organizations are popping up all over the place trying to debunk the overwhelming scientific evidence regarding climate change. Just like with the tobacco industry these energy companies and big politicians stand to lose big bucks if we are going to reduce or even eliminate the use of fossil fuels. They certainly don't care about what is going on to our climate, or what will happen to future generations if nothing is done... sadly they only care about the bottom line. Since our government seems to be spinning it's wheels as usual it is up to the average person to make a difference...

Senator John McCain on climate change

For more info on the effects of climate change check out Are We Overheating?


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Canuck said...

The FOS is not a typical Canadian group. For a better Canadian view -- see the site below. Example topics they cover include

"Well-heeled skeptics spin drivel in struggle to scorch the planet, 23 Feb 07", "Radical right attacks Arizona senator as “loony” and an “environmental extremist” over global warming", 23 Feb 07, "Warming's Effects on Future Generations Shows Up Now!"22 Feb 07


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