White House Censors Global Warming Info

This video shows how we are being mislead by the White House and our government in general. Come on people wake up, the evidence has become overwhelming and we still stand by and do nothing! We are simply letting the oil industry control our politics and therefore our environmental policies. Something is very wrong with this picture...

You can see more video proof here.



Anonymous said...



The road not taken. President John F. Kennedy's energy dream

Nancy said...

It seems to me, that the government has kept us soooo busy trying to feed our families and keep a roof over our heads, that there is just no time for us to band together and do something about all of the bull**** they are feeding us. I would love to make a change, and go back to the way this country was meant to be. "We the people..." did not mean we the politicians! By keeping the economy the way it is now, they have the lower class who cant afford to do anything about it, the middle class, who are so busy working to feed their families and just trying to have a decent life, literally do not have time to do anything about it. Then theres the UPPER CLASS, they have the resources, they have the time... so why don't they do anything? Because they get the bigger tax cuts, the kickbacks etc. Why rock the boat? Frankly, I think our fore-fathers are rolling over in their graves at this appauling system we have now called government. Free Country my A**! The oil companies are in bed with our president and his administration. And you know this is true... do the research, there are so many ideas that have been offered by highly educated people, inventions that are proven to work, yet still our government tells us we need the oil. Lies!!! We need the oil because you need your pockets lined. Oh yea, and they knew Osama, the one truly responsible for 9/11, was in Afghanistan but yet we still went into Iraq. Could it be because of the oil????? Don't get me wrong Saddam got what was coming to him but he was also the sacrificial lamb, Chaney's way into Iraq to gain control of the oil. And guess who has gotten most of the contracts for rebuilding iraq.... halliburton. I support our troops 100%, they are doing the job they were ordered to do in the name of their country. And believe it or not, I DO love my country. Thats why it is so upsetting to see what is happening to it. This is not what this country was meant to be.

Dennis said...

I agree that the government has been lying to the people of this country and the world.

I remember there was "Global Cooling" and than "Global Warming", which has been disproved (do some research on Climategate: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704342404574576683216723794.html). Is "Global Warming" has been disproved, they have done it again and change it to "Climate Change".. hmm... duh! last time i checked, the climate is always changing. That is why they used "Climate Change", how are you going to disprove that the earth's climate is always changing?

I recommend that everyone go to http://www.infowars.com and find out what is really happening around us.

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