Spreading The Wealth

The rich get richer and the poor stay the same. This has been a fact of life in our world for a very long time now. A new study just came out that shows that 2% of the world population owns more than half of the world's wealth! That is just a staggering number and do you know what, it's not going to change. You see it really takes money to make money. These rich people have their money working for them. They invest in such things as stocks, bonds, real estate and anything else they can get their hands on. Stocks that pay dividends and bonds have guaranteed returns on investment to where there is little or no risk at all. They can just sit there and watch as their money compounds interest and rack in dividend payments and yes they can live off of just this alone. Then you have the rest of us working day to day just to pay the mortgage and other expenses and what does our government do... more tax breaks for the rich, that sure seems like it will help the average American. Isn't it time that the 98% of the population stand up for itself and demand a change? Or do you think that a small sliver of the population should be controlling the direction our world is headed?


Anonymous said...

We need to change our whole concept of money. Money has no inherent value, but we believe it will bring us the things that do have value: Food, Housing, Transportation, Art, Entertainment, Health Care.... etc. We need to focus on how to get what we need from, and what we have to offer to our local communities. Here are some examples:

(This article is from 10 years ago, but still very relevant)


Anonymous said...

Green thumb I am in India - the global projection of the American Dream is what has led us here.
Are any of us willing to go back unless Nature forces us to.
That day by all accounts does not seem so far away.
Human nature being what it is all we can do is scream.
Am a believer too!

Paul said...

Human nature is weird.
I don't understand it.
I'm part of the 2%!
That sucks...

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