The Tea Party

It sure does take a lot of ingredient to make up those crazy tea partiers... Did they miss anything?  I think they nailed this one right on the head... 

Axis Of Evil

What a team they make huh?  Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Bill O'Reilly... the real axis of evil : )

Mosque At Ground Zero

Listen to Mr. John Stewart and let me know what you think about having a Mosque at ground zero... well... Burlington Coat factory at least...

Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourette's

It just never gets old making fun on Mr. Glenn Beck... How did this guy get his own show anyways... O right its on Fox News...

The Health Care Debate

At least our President is recognizing the importance of universal health care... I know I can't wait!   I haven't been to the doctor in probably 13 years or so...

Happy Birthday Glenn Beck!

To many more hate filled years! You are truly America's #1 bigot... Keep up the good work showing us all just how crazy you really are... Happy B-Day big man!

Jack Nicholson's Water Powered Car

Well by now you might have heard of Stan Meyers and his controversial death after inventing a water powered car. Well apparently he was not the only one to think there is something to this technology. Here is Jack Nicholson explaining how his water powered car works back in the 1970s!

Anyone know what happened next?

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