Facing Mass Extinction

When are people going to realize that change needs to happen now, we do not have time to sit and wait around for someone else to change the world. Mass extinction of entire ecosystems are predicted within the next 50 years. Think of your children and their future generations and make a difference in this dark world we live in before it is just too late...

Detroit: A City In Transition? Or Just Another American Ghetto

Here's a thought on a possible fix for our ghetto fabulous Detroit. It may be as simple as changing our surrondings. Ghetto tends to stay that way, because no one seems to care about what is around them, or maybe they just don't believe that things ever could change. The graffiti, broken glass, and other unsightly trash seem to litter every ghetto in America. Sure, just cleaning up is not going to fundamentally change the people that live there, but maybe it would make them take a second look at their living environment. That drug dealer or pimp may think twice about operating on a nice clean street corner, rather then the typical ghetto street corner. I guess I don't understand why the individuals living in these areas don't step outside their doors and think to themselves "wow", maybe I should pick up that empty beer can, or paint over those gang signs that have been there for years. Or maybe take it one step further and demolish that old abandon house across the street. Why are people that live in these areas so set in their ways that change seems impossible? In my opinion, all we need is for people to lead by example. We need leaders to step up to the plate and start making a difference. It is amazing how human nature is to always follow the crowd. I think it could catch on like a standing ovation. Once those few people stand up in the front row, others follow until soon they are all standing united. Don't get me wrong Detroit is definitely on the road to recovery with Comerica Park, Ford Field and the renovation of the Detroit River Front, but we need the individuals there to start feeling proud of their surrondings. Boy, wouldn't that be a change. Let's not let the bad seeds in Detroit ruin the whole city. Let make a stand against violence, drugs and unsightly street corners. It's a lot of work but I am confident it can be done with the support of the people of Detroit. Let me know what you think. Can our fair city return to it's former motown glory? Let's make it happen.

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