Super Close-Up Wicked Wasp Movie

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These pictures were taken in my backyard. I created this video with Google's Picasa

Evolution of Traditional Advertising

Isn't it just amazing that traditional advertising still receives the kind of market share that it does. I mean how can a company even track how effective their advertising really is on mediums like TV and radio? Just because I see an ad for a Dell computer on the TV over and over and over again doesn't mean that I need a computer, does it? I suppose there plan is to pump it into your head until you eventually link computers with Dell instinctively, alot like "brain washing". Nowadays, people are obviously very annoyed with TV and radio advertising, otherwise things like TIVOs, DVRs, Sirius and XM wouldn't be so popular. Amazing that people will actually pay money to avoid having ads shoved in their faces. This is why there is such a giant push towards internet advertising. People want, and need targeted advertising to help cut costs. If they are searching for a new computer it's because they want or need a new computer, not because Dell told them to go out and get it this second. Plus, the company can easily track this advertising directly through Google Analytics to the purchase in some cases. Instead of the traditional way of advertising, which is throw money at it and hope something sticks. Just wait until the local advertising really catches on the local web. Then we will really see just how big the market is for internet advertising. It will essentially give more leverage to the little guy as it levels the playing field. Maybe someday when you search for computers in Detroit it will come up Discount Computer and not a big world wide corporate like Dell. I don't think this is very far off. How about you? Please comment below.

An Online Mobile Grocery Race

So when do you think companies like Wal-mart and Meijer going to offer an online grocery store? I think this could be huge for whomever comes out with it, and markets it correctly. There are many elderly people, or others that just don't have enough time in their days to go grocery shopping. The store could team up with a Fed-Ex, UPS, or even the newcomer DHL to do the deliveries. They could start out by have a certain radius in which it could delivery from the store. Of course, this would make the goods more expensive, but I have a good feeling people are willing to pay a premium for this service. Just think you would never forget to get something, because you would make up this list all online. The companies would have to rev-up their websites, but I don't think they are too far from it. I mean, if you think about it, you can order items from Meijer and Wal-mart all ready online, but for some reason groceries are not yet an option. I suppose that the orders would need to be processed quicker than they are now, but with the way technology is charging ahead, I am surprised that no one has taken advantage of this potinetial market. Imagine how much business is being lost just due to the fact that people can not physically get out of their house or just don't want to go to the grocery store. In today's day and age people simply want convinence. Meijer and Wal-mart better step up soon or someone like me might just take this idea and run with it! Or maybe you? What is your prediction. Comment below on which company you think will win the online grocery race. Maybe the established Swan's, which all ready has the refrigderated trucks to do the deliveries.

The Wonderful World of Google Adsense

Adsense is still in it's infancy for me, but I can all ready see why it has become so wildly popular. Simply put, Google produces a piece of html (the guts that make your website work), that you paste directly into your webpage right where you would like the ads to appear. They give you several different formats to choose from, for instance vertical, horizontal or square. Google also gives you the option to choose text ads, image ads, local business ads, video ads, or any variation of the like. Then, once the adsense code is in your website, Google automatically scans the text on your site, and almost immediately you start seeing ads that are relevant to your site's content. So now for example, if your site is all about mosquitoes you will see ads for mosquitoes nets, traps, and the like. They even have an option to report if ads from your competitors are showing on your site. Not only is it a free sign-up for adsense, but they also offer two mediums in which you can use it in, as usual for free. One is blogger, and the other is googlepages. All you need to do is create relevant content that attracts web traffic, and soon you will be throwing pennies in the jar at no cost to you except the time and inclination to create the quality sites. So, what are you waiting get started today? Or, whenever you feel like making some extra cash in your pocket. Leave me a comment below if you like....

Alternative Energy Success

The Story of a Very Green Village In Germany called Freiburg

I Want a New Drug...Or Do I?

One industry that I have not spent too much time on is biotech. These stocks seem to be just another form of speculation, only this time instead of the consumer it is up to a biochemist and eventually the
FDA to even approve these drugs for sale. This all has to happen before they can ever hit the market and become profitable. Of course, they will probably be bought out by a Pfizer or Merck long before that. I am not particularly fond of this industry as a lot of the companies operate behind closed doors, and you pretty much need an insider's scoop of sorts before I would put anything on the table. Even then profiting from people getting sick is not really my thing. Nowadays, it would appear as if they have a pill for everything. The last few commercials I have seen are even targeting children. It really caught my eye to hear a child on television telling me how great it was to be Clariton clear. It sure seems to me like the drug companies are in bed with the FDA considering the flood of new pills all accompanied by their own advertisements, just in the last few years. Or perhaps, the FDA just made the rules much more loose then they used to be. The drug company's argument probably was since they are telling them all the side effects as the radioactive Lunesta butterfly gently glides through the air, there is no harm in releasing it to the public. They don't really care, as long as their pockets are jingling. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of quality companies out there working for the greater good, but watch out its is a jungle out there. What do you think of the biotech industry? Bull, bear or just a lame duck?

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