Evolution of Traditional Advertising

Isn't it just amazing that traditional advertising still receives the kind of market share that it does. I mean how can a company even track how effective their advertising really is on mediums like TV and radio? Just because I see an ad for a Dell computer on the TV over and over and over again doesn't mean that I need a computer, does it? I suppose there plan is to pump it into your head until you eventually link computers with Dell instinctively, alot like "brain washing". Nowadays, people are obviously very annoyed with TV and radio advertising, otherwise things like TIVOs, DVRs, Sirius and XM wouldn't be so popular. Amazing that people will actually pay money to avoid having ads shoved in their faces. This is why there is such a giant push towards internet advertising. People want, and need targeted advertising to help cut costs. If they are searching for a new computer it's because they want or need a new computer, not because Dell told them to go out and get it this second. Plus, the company can easily track this advertising directly through Google Analytics to the purchase in some cases. Instead of the traditional way of advertising, which is throw money at it and hope something sticks. Just wait until the local advertising really catches on the local web. Then we will really see just how big the market is for internet advertising. It will essentially give more leverage to the little guy as it levels the playing field. Maybe someday when you search for computers in Detroit it will come up Discount Computer and not a big world wide corporate like Dell. I don't think this is very far off. How about you? Please comment below.


Paul said...

I like that picture of the butterfly. Who took that pic?

Bushwacker said...

That's the dark side of advertising. As a consumer, we can't really make sure how effective the product that they are advertising. But just because we see it on TV, internet or saw ads on the streets, we got allured by how fascinating they are presented.

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