The Wonderful World of Google Adsense

Adsense is still in it's infancy for me, but I can all ready see why it has become so wildly popular. Simply put, Google produces a piece of html (the guts that make your website work), that you paste directly into your webpage right where you would like the ads to appear. They give you several different formats to choose from, for instance vertical, horizontal or square. Google also gives you the option to choose text ads, image ads, local business ads, video ads, or any variation of the like. Then, once the adsense code is in your website, Google automatically scans the text on your site, and almost immediately you start seeing ads that are relevant to your site's content. So now for example, if your site is all about mosquitoes you will see ads for mosquitoes nets, traps, and the like. They even have an option to report if ads from your competitors are showing on your site. Not only is it a free sign-up for adsense, but they also offer two mediums in which you can use it in, as usual for free. One is blogger, and the other is googlepages. All you need to do is create relevant content that attracts web traffic, and soon you will be throwing pennies in the jar at no cost to you except the time and inclination to create the quality sites. So, what are you waiting get started today? Or, whenever you feel like making some extra cash in your pocket. Leave me a comment below if you like....

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Bushwacker said...

Google AdSense is such a helpful tool that was ever developed by Google. It play a vital role on SEO field.

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