US Dragging It's Feet On Climate Change

The US says that it is not the right time to talk about climate change... What a joke, there are nations from all over the world gathered in Bali to discuss the serious issue that is climate change. Why is this not the right time? Damn fools...

James Connaughton is a major US negotiator and here is his quote...

"We will lead... The US will lead, and we will continue to lead, but leadership also requires others to fall in line and follow." Does he even comprehend the words he is spouting out? We are not the leaders here, we are and always have been on the wrong side of this argument... and it is not the other countries, but us the needs to fall in line and follow!

Here is a bit more of Mr. Gore's speech...


Arctic To Be Ice Free By 2050, 2040.. Now 2012!

A new report released just today has dire prediction for the arctic ocean. Greenland's ice sheet melted nearly 19 billion tons more than the previous high mark, and the volume of Arctic sea ice at summer's end was half what it was just four years earlier, according to new NASA satellite data. Here are some highlights for the report...

2007 shattered records for Arctic melt in the following ways:

_ 552 billion tons of ice melted this summer from the Greenland ice sheet, according to preliminary satellite data to be released by NASA Wednesday. That's 15 percent more than the annual average summer melt, beating 2005's record.

_ A record amount of surface ice was lost over Greenland this year, 12 percent more than the previous worst year, 2005, according to data the University of Colorado released Monday. That's nearly quadruple the amount that melted just 15 years ago. It's an amount of water that could cover Washington, D.C., a half-mile deep, researchers calculated.

_ The surface area of summer sea ice floating in the Arctic Ocean this summer was nearly 23 percent below the previous record. The dwindling sea ice already has affected wildlife, with 6,000 walruses coming ashore in northwest Alaska in October for the first time in recorded history. Another first: the Northwest Passage was open to navigation.

_ Still to be released is NASA data showing the remaining Arctic sea ice to be unusually thin, another record. That makes it more likely to melt in future summers. Combining the shrinking area covered by sea ice with the new thinness of the remaining ice, scientists calculate that the overall volume of ice is half of 2004's total.

_ Alaska's frozen permafrost is warming, not quite thawing yet. But temperature measurements 66 feet deep in the frozen soil rose nearly four-tenths of a degree from 2006 to 2007, according to measurements from the University of Alaska. While that may not sound like much, "it's very significant," said University of Alaska professor Vladimir Romanovsky.

- Surface temperatures in the Arctic Ocean this summer were the highest in 77 years of record-keeping, with some places 8 degrees Fahrenheit above normal, according to research to be released Wednesday by University of Washington's Michael Steele.

Could this be the tipping point? Are we at the point of no return? Well, none of that really matter now if we don't start to do something about it. How many reports like this have to come out before the American public demands some kind of action? Other countries are at least beginning to take steps to curb their emissions, but the United States is still sitting on their hands... powerless against the big energy companies that run this country.

Well at least there is hope and it is coming from a strange source to some. Google is planning and initiative through to develop energy that is cleaner and more efficient then coal. A bold act that Google says it can accomplish in years not decades. Now that is what I like to hear, action not just a bunch of politics! They have also put into place one of the largest solar developments in the entire world at the Googleplex.

So while this new report is very disheartening, it is good that more reports like this come out so the public can really begin to understand how severe this problem is and how action is needed now... not in the future when it will just be too late.

To view the full report click here!

Why The Alternative Energy Bill Won't Pass

Finally alternative energy is starting to gain some traction in the United States government, but don't get too excited about this bill. It is being challenged in the Senate, and even if it gets past them President George W. Bush has already threatened to veto it.. just like he veto's the health care for kids.

If you missed his last great decision, the reason he vetoed the health care for kids bill was because it called for an increase in the cigarette tax to cover the expenses... Apparently the tobacco companies are yet another evil bunch that are pulling the strings of this puppet. Here is his explanation for vetoing a bill for POOR CHILDREN'S HEALTH CARE...

So why would George W. Bush want to veto this alternative energy bill... well it is quite simple, the bill calls to stop subsidising the oil and coal industry and give the money to wind, solar and other renewable energies. Unless you have lived under a rock for the past 7 years you already know that the oil and coal industries have the biggest pull with this oil hungry president. After all isn't that why we are in Iraq... or was that to spread democracy through blood... hmm I forgot!

The bill also requires passenger vehicles sold in the United States to achieve an average of 35 miles per gallon by 2020, the first significant increase in mileage standards since 1975. (that is not asking a lot countries all over the world have way better fuel standards then The United States) First off, this would reduce our dependence on oil and help out the automotive industry by encouraging people to purchase cars and trucks with better mileage... it is a win-win. Plus, all that money going to solar and wind would only stimulate the economy further by creating a demand for these type of manufacturing jobs.

Being the pessimists that I am when it comes to having any faith in the abilities of our government, I don't think this bill has a chance in hell of passing, but the fact that it even made it to the senate does say something... The question is can we afford to wait until the next president is elected and gets settled in.. which will probably take another 2 years! It just seems like it will simply take too long.

In other news in case you missed it The United States is now the only one who hasn't signed the Kyoto Protocol with Australia agree to the pact just the other day. Listen to what we had to say about it...

"The challenges of climate change are big, and serious. The next step is to reach agreement in Bali on a negotiating road map for a new post-2012 framework. We look forward to continuing to work together constructively with Australia, as we have in APEC, the Asia Pacific Partnership, and the Major Economies process," said Kristen Hellmer with the White House Council on Environmental Quality."

I am sorry but why are we talking about what we are going to do in 2012? By then it could already be too late to reverse the process that is beginning to snowball more and more ever year... Money grubbing fools is the only way I can describe this administration... sad that America used to be the leader when it came to making world-wide decisions and leading by example. I hate to think about the way the world sees us nowadays not as a great nation, but as invaders and occupiers who are only helping destroy the world through pollution and waist.

I know most American's are better than this, so why do we let ourselves be portrayed this way? I know what your thinking there is nothing I can do, but guess what you can... make some noise, write your congressman, get involved... The country was built on the people, not the corporations. Corruption has been running this country for way too long... time for a change. What do you think?

What Would Happen If Politics Didn't Get In The Way?

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best... This video breaks down the monumental problem of climate change into three easy answers. Sure, I am sure all you nah-sayers will be up in arms saying things are much more complicated then that, but they're really not. We have to start somewhere, and what better place to look to for inspiration then our children? After all they are the ones that will feel the brunt of the effects that climate change will have on our planet over the next 100 years.

For more information on this video visit the site here!

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

As I watch the United States economy slipping farther and farther into recession like territory I can't help but wonder if things could have been different? Sure, I know most of this mess is caused by the major downturn in housing, and serious overvaluations in some real estate markets such as California and Florida, but still that is not the case here in Michigan, and many other states through the country.

Most of us were just hit with problems caused by outsourcing ever single job we could to places were we could manufacture things cheaper like China and India. Now with the dollar plummeting to new lows and the Chinese filling our kids with lead and threating to sell ever dollar they own we have to look back and think... hmmm perhaps we made a mistake somewhere along the lines.

The truth is things could have been much different if we were looking towards the future instead of concentrating on making a quick buck. $100 oil is here and doesn't appear to be going anywhere with winter time just around the corner and how did we plan for this as a country? The answer is we didn't.

What we should have done was start manufacturing as much alternative energy as we can, solar, wind, geothermal ect. We should have been building these plants up like crazy over the past few years, especially with all the science coming out about climate change, and how almost ever scientist out there is SCREAMING at us that we need to change our ways before it was just too late... so what did we do... nothing.

If the state and local governments could have put in major tax incentives (not the half-ass ones we have in place now) for business's and residences to go green this would have created a huge demand for these type of items which would in turn create jobs and supported our economy. Not too mention people could have been buying all new houses that were "green" and would actually save on heating and electricity cost. Instead we are looking at a weak dollar, depreciating house values, high oil, a shrinking middle class and a climate that from the looks of it is going to cause the world to become much less livable in the very near future.

Take a look at the video below... even the International Energy Agency is telling us that we missed the boat.

Preach On Brother!

Ross Gelbspan, author of "the heat is on" and "boiling point" spoke Sept 2007 at the international forum on globalization. Please take some time to listen to what he has to say, this man has been studying the subject for the past 10 years and knows quite a bit about the issue that is climate change. There is a lot of talk these days about how to handle such a immense issue, well have a listen because this guy actually has the answers...

What really bothers me is that The United States is suppose to be a leader when it comes to world issues like this, but with George in office he and his administration have completely turned their back's on scientific fact, and sided with the energy companies. I know I can sound like a broken record sometimes, but this is the sad truth. For more about our president and his evil tactics check out this post or for more information about the speaker in the above video Ross Gelbspan check out his website here.

We need to realize that this is an issue we need to deal with now, not later. We can't let politics get in the way of saving humanity from itself...

CO2 Levels Are Rising Even Faster!

A report released just yesterday from Australia is painting a grim picture for planet earth. According to scientists CO2 levels are rising at an alarming pace.

"The growth rate for carbon dioxide, or CO2, emissions has averaged 3.3 percent a year since 2000, compared with 1.1 percent in the 1990s, according to today's study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The rate rose 35 percent more than economic growth had led scientists to anticipate, said Corinne Le Quere, one of the authors of the paper."

Perhaps it is time that we really start to worry and begin taking some serious action... The snowballing effect of climate change is just going to make things get worse a lot sooner then scientists are predicting I am afraid. If the carbon sinks have reached their saturation point of CO2 levels we are in big trouble. You see a lot of the CO2 that we product is absorbed by the oceans and forest, but the ocean can only soak up so much CO2 and the deforestation and wildfires are devastating our natural CO2 sponges. Take a look at this video for more information...

Today Is Blog Action Day!!!

To tell you the truth I didn't even know about blog action day until just yesterday, but as soon as I did a little research about the project I went out and put banners to promote this day on most of my blogs. There is truly power in numbers and every little event like this brings the issue of climate change a little farther into the spotlight.

With Al Gore and the IPCC recent win of the Nobel Peace Prize I think that a major worldwide movement is beginning to form. The nah-sayers that have been funded by oil and energy companies can only keep up the fight so long, before the just look silly.

The fools in The White House can only stay into power for another year (way too long in my opinion), but it will change with the power of the people. Majority rules in most cases, this one was just clouded by a lot of dirty money that funded research to try and refute the hard evidence that man is causing climate change. Sure there will still be organizations like Fox News and Exxon Mobile that try and sway public opinion, but last time I check they are not a large board of climatologist from around that world gathered together to study climate change like the IPCC are they?

So join the cause and help promote Blog Action Day, click here to visit their site!

We've Come A Long Way Baby!

Well maybe not... The windmill was first introduced in the 1st century A.D. and yet here we are in the year 2007 and we still have not harnessed all the power that we can from these rather simple devices.

As the news of the devastating effects that climate change is causing spreads across the planet hopefully more people will realize that this is a simple part of the solution.

There is energy all around us... whether we choose to harness it or not is our decision! Take a look at this video for a little more insight into the energy generating machine...

Do They Really Think We Are That Stupid?

What a joke this ad is... What is wrong with the people that think they can get away with this? Let's see there is constantly more and more science coming out that says just how harmful CO2 and other greenhouse gases are and then they pull something like this... have they no shame? To learn more about the producers of this video click here!

This was not the first time we have had the wool pulled over our eyes when it comes to serious issues... Take a look at this next clip and find out just which kind of cig Fred Flintstone prefers!

For more about the ongoing cover-up check out these posts or to find out how to kick the habit in just 6 long months click here!

John Kanzius: Another Water Powered Car?

I am sure some of you may have heard of Stanley Myers, but how about John Kanzius? This a similar discovery only this guy fortunately for the rest of us, is still alive to tell us about it.

John Kanzius while trying to discover a cure for cancer stumbled upon a way to create fuel from salt water. Below is a video that shows us exactly how this amazing process is accomplished.

Please spread this around to everyone you know so this along with countless other inventions out there doesn't get swept under the carpet by the government or a large energy company like Exxon that is hell bent on destroying the world and making a fat profit. They have everything to lose if an invention like this makes it to the mainstream!

It's Only Going To Get Worse...

And I don't mean this year... I mean in the coming years. Climate change is the most serious threat to mankind, yet not a lot is being done to curb this growing problem. Maybe a few more storms like this will remind everyone that our planet will never be the same...

Even The Judges Are Against Bush!

Just today a federal judge has ordered that the Bush administration issue two scientific reports on global warming. A group of environmentalists had sued the White House for failing to produce the documents which delays any action on their part.

Judge Saundra Armstrong is apparently not as easily bribed by large energy companies as the ones in the White House. The Judge ruled that the Bush administration had violated a 1990 when it failed to meet the deadline for and updated U. S. climate change plan and impact assessment.

My only questions to you is if the Bush administration believes that climate change is not a serious threat then why in the world wouldn't it bother to complete this task?

As usual the Bush administration took an arrogant approach by stating that it had discretion over how and when it produced the reports... a argument that the Judge rejected... good to see there is still a little common sense here in this country.

You know last time I looked we lived in a democracy not a dictatorship!

This is a big win for the plaintiffs which include the Center for Biological Diversity, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace.

"It's a huge victory holding the administration accountable for its attempts to suppress science," said Kassie Siegel, an attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity, one of the plaintiffs that filed suit in Oakland federal court in November.

This administration has constantly lied straight to the American public face... perhaps it is time for a change. What is your say?

The Power Of Hurricane Dean

First from space...

This next video is taken all from St. Lucia...

Here is even more footage from the weather channel...

Can We Save Planet Earth?

The following is a documentary from the David Attenborough that was released in June of 2006 called "Can We Save Planet Earth". This program features an in depth look into science that is climate change.

It shows us the effects already felt in places all around the world, the causes and the solutions... Although this video is an hour long it is something that ever person concerned with future generations of this planet needs to see!

Imagine in 50 years time looking into your children's eyes and saying "yeah we knew about it and did nothing"

Tornado Hits Brooklyn

The first ever recorded tornado hit Brooklyn just a couple days ago. The tornado was an F2 and is just another bad sign on the weather front...

England just recorded it's wettest 3 month period since record keeping began in 1766! You just can't make this stuff up! People need to wake up now and start preparing for the dire consequence that climate change is going to bring to our planet now, not in the future as everyone first claimed... This events are happening all over that world at an alarming rate! Buenas ares just had it's first snow fall in 90 years... WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! This is not some global conspiracy as some oil companies and republicans might like you to believe... this is happening all around our world!

Pretty scary stuff... what do you think about this wacky weather?

If You Don't Believe Me, Maybe You Will Believe This Famous Guy...

The line in the sand has been drawn... you are either with us or against us! It is good to see that there are people out there trying to make a difference in this world before we completely flush it down the toilet.

Leonardo Dicaprio new documentary The 11th Hour is demanding that action be taken, and not from just individuals like you and me. It is time that our governments both federal and state start coming up with a real plan to tackle the problems of climate change... With the help of people like Leo and Al it does help bring this issue to light, but the real sad part is that the scientists have been saying this for a long time we just didn't listen...

We just stand around with our hands in our pockets letting this country be run by a bunch of oil hungry politicians, makes me feel ashamed to be an American...

For more information about the film and the ongoing project click here!

Finally A Pill Drug Companies And Casinos Can Agree On

The casinos have been waiting for this moment for a long, long time! I saw this commercial on TV today and I just couldn't help myself.

I give you the amazing Mirapex (Pramipexole Diehydrochloride)! This pills side effects actually include "intense gambling urges"! Now that is just hilarious... what will the come up with next?

You can't even make this stuff up, check out their site here! What is this world coming to? This pill is for Restless Leg Syndrome which of course is just another "condition" that the doctors and pharmaceutical companies came up with so the could make a pill to cure it. My only question is what's the secret ingredient that causes these intense gambling urges... whatever it is I am sure the casino owners are all over it : ) You can check out some homemade remedies here!

Vasco Data Securities Impressive Results

That was a beautiful thing... up almost 13% on a down 300 day means there are good things to come. Added 631 new customers 113 of those banks during the past quarter is a very good sign of continued growth as well. "VASCO (vdsi) said banks and financial institutions represented the biggest chunk of second-quarter revenues, with the majority outside the U.S. Europe accounted for 65 percent of revenues, Asia 16 percent, the U.S. 8 percent and other countries 14 percent." Impressive that they can produce those kind of earnings with only 8% in the United States...

Not to mention CEO Ken Hunt said global expansion is part of the companies long-term strategy and it plans to open offices in Tokyo and Sao Paolo, Brazil... Sounds good to me. Lastly they are just under a billion in market cap, not a very large company but with solid and growing revenues and customer base. So, while this stock is slightly "expensive" on a p/e basis it only has a small amount of analyst coverage and the few who do cover the stock will be upgrading it soon and with even more analysts jumping on board comes the big money. As long as Vasco can continue to produce results like these this stock should continue to run... What are your thoughts on todays earning report? For more information you can always visit their site here.

Google: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Google reported earnings today that missed by three cents ($3.56 earning per share vs the estimated $3.59 per share) and beat in revenues! This will be a good buying opportunity in the end, but tomorrow and even the next few weeks might be a bit rough. Google is still growing it's cash pile as well and I like that at least they admitting that the hiring/expense was a little out of control. At least they recognize this and will try and tighten up the loose ends as they feel the growing pains.

It seems as if everyone will be on the bandwagon for a bit, but the long term story has not changed. The internet is growing everyday and google has a ton of different revenue streams that they just decide to give away for free. This just creates more and more user loyalty and in turn ad dollars... Think about it how often do you use Google everyday? Or think about how many new Internet users there are everyday. Or how about all the opportunities in mobile phone advertising, print advertising and audio advertising that are just starting for the big Goog. I got another one how about the presidential election next year and all the money that we be spent to try and bag the young voters.

Hold tight everyone this is gonna be a rocky ride!

Finally George W. Bush Serves A Purpose!

I have been waiting for this day since he was elected into office! I never would have thought he would be so eco-friendly either! Long live this version of George W. Bush...

For more about our lovely president check out this post or find out what I think about solar power here.

Side Effects Include

Your doctor turning into a drug dealer, big corporations pumping pills down the throats of everyone in America including our children, companies getting rich while people die from taking unsafe pills that the FDA approved, and people taking anti-depressants killing themselves because the pills "may cause suicidal thoughts"

Did I miss something or did the FDA just give up on testing drugs before they hit the market. This is just another big reason why we need universal health care. Drug companies should only be allowed to advertise to doctors and people in the medical community not individuals! You can't turn on the tv for 5 minutes without getting bombarded with drug commercials that list a spew of horrible side effects. Yet you really should still see your drug dealer, I mean doctor for more information about this life changing drug. There is something very wrong with this picture...

These videos below show just how out of control the drug companies have become!

My favorite has to be the radioactive butterfly that flies on into your bedroom and puts you right to sleep... ah these pills make me feel so good and cure everything... maybe those big pharma companies aren't so bad ; )

Any thoughts?

The Last Gasp For Climate Change Skeptics

A Study released just today proves that the sun cycle actually has nothing to do with our planets recent warming. This comes as no surprise to most people in the scientific community as this theory has only recently been dragged into the spotlight as an alternative to man-made global warming.

The great global warming swindle was based on this theory (I use the term lightly) that the sun is actually causing climate change. Even though this documentary was quickly debunked by experts there are still some holdouts (mostly the ones funded by oil & energy companies) out there that actually believe that humans could not possibly alter the climate of an entire planet. Well, the sad realty is that is exactly what is happening! The only bright spot is that as more scientific research comes out there are fewer and fewer non-believers.

So what is the USA going to do about it? Not a lot so far beside pass a half-ass law to reduce emissions by a small amount. Mind you we are already way behind most other countries when it come to fuel standards. It just seems like there is a lot of talk and no real action. In fact, lately it would seem as if they are trying to just pass the blame over to China. Sure China is a big growing problem, but aren't we supposed to be the leaders of the free world? Shouldn't we be setting an example for the rest of the world like we used to? (You know back when people were actually proud to be an American) Wouldn't America's actually benefit for all the new jobs created by the transition to alternative energies and higher fuel efficiencies?

Oh wait I forgot that our government and their bloody, oily hands rake in money day after day on the backs of average Americans by gouging them at the pump and not giving two thoughts about our future generations and their lives on this planet. It is time that we stood up not only as Americans but as the human race and say enough is enough. The technologies are out there just waiting to explode onto the mainstream market. Solar, wind, geothermal, electric cars (not hydrogen as Mr. George W. would like you to believe) are things that are available to us now we simply don't harness their power. What are you thoughts? Is this possible or are we already past a tipping point?

You can also view the actual report from the BBC here!

The Climate Change Smoking Gun

You gotta love it when history repeats itself... These are some sad similarity between the cover-up with tobacco smoke and climate change. Disturbing really that there are people out there that would rather swim in their dirty oil money rather then think about future generations. Don't the people that work at at these places have children?

How do I hate Exxon mobile? Let me count the ways...

Wake up and smell the exhaust people! The time to change is now, we cannot wait any longer. Please do your part to make our earth a better place to live....

If you would like more information on Exxon check out this post!

Can You See The Forest Through The Trees?

As I am sure most of you know plants and trees breath in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Well with all of the talk these days about climate change and increasing levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere you would think we would be more concerned with our disappearing rain forests. This is yet another factor that will add to the snowball effect of climate change.

Think of it this way we are releasing more and more co2 in the air every year, but there are less and less trees ever year to combat this increase in co2 levels. Not too mention as the earth warms up certain areas throughout the world that were covered with permafrost are thawing. As the ground thaws it releases the c02 that has been trapped under ground which adds to the snowball effect.

Another part of the snowball effect is when ice and snow in the poles and other areas melt it leaves nothing but water. The heat that reflects down from the sun normally reflects off the snow/ice and is not absorbed. Unfortunately, when there isn't any snow this heat is absorbed by the water which only increases the warming.

What do you think are these real problems that the human race has to deal with or should we just forget about it and go on with our everyday lives happy to scarf down that cheeseburger and enjoy our mindless reality television?

Why Would Exxon Mobile Try To Destroy Greenpeace?

Well, it is pretty obvious really, considering they are the biggest corporation in the world and derive all of their profits from oil which has been proven to cause climate change. So Exxon flexes it's financial muscles again, this time to try and sick the IRS on greenpeace... have they no shame? I am beginning to think that this company is run by the devil himself... hmm maybe I am on to something there...

For more info about the wrong doings of Exxon Mobile check out this site!

George W. Bush Gets What He Deserves!

You can blame mother nature for trying...

He just makes it so easy for people to make fun of him...

Is God Going To Save Us From Climate Change?

Well, I think not... in fact personally I think if he/she/it saw us messing up the planet the way that we are, why would he/she/it even care what happens to the human race? They gave us this beautiful planet and we have done nothing but plunder it's resources since the industrial revolution... Sure our grandparents and parents got us into this mess, but it is up to our generation to come up with real solutions to these global problems....

The video below is an interesting look at what the Evangelical Christian think about climate change... I think it is actually quite funny that there are still some people out there that believe this is some kind of political conspiracy. Why would there be some massive GLOBAL conspiracy? Pull your head out of the sand and do a little scientific research!

This is not just an issue in the USA it is happening all over the world and people are talking about it all over the world! These people are not republicans and democrats, they are simply humans that give a damn about our future generations!

Find out why some of us are so ignorant to the facts here or you can find out why the American government is a big part of the problem here!

15 Billion Dollars Worth Of Crops In The USA Need Bees To Pollinate

Maybe we should start taking this a little more seriously. This phenomenon could have devastating effect on of crops not only this year, but next! It is still unclear what exactly is causing Colony Collapse Disorder, but you can take a look at this for a couple different opinions...

One thing is for sure though, without the proper funding scientific research will just be too late! What if the worst case sernerio happens, and we have even fewer bees next year? I am not sure if we can afford to take that kind of chance! Check out this view on the story, skip about 1:30 into it if you don't like Bill Mayer...

Albert Einstein said that if the bees die off then the human race has 4 years to live! That is just plain scary...

He does a good job laying it all out there, the question still remands though, "Is anybody listening?" Here is yet another report from Germany...

How about a post from The Heartland... This is a report from a local news station in Ohio here in The States!

As you can see, this is certainly not an isolated issue as Colony Collapse Disorder has been reported in the following places

USA- 27 states, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, India, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan, Brazil, Guatemala, The Netherlands, and Germany

This is a global problem and something needs to be done and fast... this story is quickly spreading as the spring crops are starting to bloom all over the world. If you still don't believe just search the recent news for bees, it seems to be everywhere...

Here is a news article from Minnesota or this one from The New York Times.


The Arctic To Be Ice Free By 2050

Well, much to the surprise of some individuals the arctic appears to be melting even faster than previously thought. In fact, some of the latest finding even suggest that the arctic will be ice free be the year 2050 or sooner. As you may know many scientists had already suggested that the IPCC might have been too optimistic when the report was released on April 6, 2007.

If you would like a little more background about the serious effect of climate change on out planet check out this clip released today from reuters...

When do you think the Bush administration will start taking this seriously? This may give you a little hint! Very disheartening to see such a stubborn ignorant man leading our country in so many wrong directions...


History Repeats It's Self...

Happens all the time, but you never think about it...

Well put...

The Bush Administration Suppressing Science... Again!

I am sure some of you are familiar by now with The White House censoring climate change documents, but some new footage shows us just how far back the Bush administration has pulled the wool over our eyes and deliberately tried to debunk the dire consequences of climate change on our planet! The National Assessment On Climate Change was released at the end of the Clinton years and promptly buried by the George W. and friends not long after he took office. Take a look at the video below for more information on this soon to be famous report...

For more check out Does Anyone Believe George W. Anymore? or get the Canadian perspective on this ongoing coverup.


The Official IPCC Report

I talk a lot on this blog about climate change and it's effect on our planet, but now it is time that I let the scientists do the talking. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently release the second part of their report on climate change on April 6, 2007. I ran across this on Google Video, it is the entire press conference a little over an hour long... please take the time to listen to what these scientists have to say it is actually quite compelling.

For more information about climate change you can visit the IPCC website here or you can check out it's effect here.


A Polictican Making Sense? Wake Me I Must Be Dreaming

Bernie Sander the senator from Vermont was recently on the Bill Maher program and I was shocked to hear the words that were coming out of his mouth... Demanding higher fuel efficient vehicles, telling us that the technology to be energy independent is out there, informing us that congress is controlled by oil and coal companies, leaving it up to our generation to make some noise and demand change from our government! I just can't believe that a politician like this actually exist...

I guess it must be because he is an independent and therefore doesn't have to watch what he says for fear that his party will abandon him financially. Great interview... enjoy and feel free to comment, I am open to hearing both sides!

How Exxon Mobile Destroyed An Entire Town

I hope this makes you think twice about filling up at a Mobile gas station. When are we going to realize that these type of companies are simply not being held accountable for their actions and the effects they have on our environment and in fact the entire world! This video is about 30 minutes long...

Can you believe that the court case is still not resolved, come on people wake up! Exxon Mobile is the biggest company in the world in terms of profit don't you think that they could afford to help this town out? I mean think about it they have that money set aside collecting interest the whole time as our court system moves like a snail!

You can find out more about the Exxon Valdez oil spill here is the EPA view or you can view some pictures of the oil spill here.

For more information about Exxon check out this post or on a more positive note check out what Sir Richard Branson is up to.


A Canadian Perspective On Climate Change

Groups like "friends of science" and other organizations are popping up all over the place trying to debunk the overwhelming scientific evidence regarding climate change. Just like with the tobacco industry these energy companies and big politicians stand to lose big bucks if we are going to reduce or even eliminate the use of fossil fuels. They certainly don't care about what is going on to our climate, or what will happen to future generations if nothing is done... sadly they only care about the bottom line. Since our government seems to be spinning it's wheels as usual it is up to the average person to make a difference...

Senator John McCain on climate change

For more info on the effects of climate change check out Are We Overheating?


Sooner Or Later...

God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash

Great song... today was the first day I saw the video. Enjoy the legend!

Richard Branson Offers 25 Million To Combat Climate Change

The following is an interesting interview with Al Gore and Sir Richard Branson... it is very nice to see people like Richard that actually care about our planet and our future generations. With more and more business leaders and people coming out and demanding change in our environmental policies perhaps we can begin to tackle this mounting problem...

If you don't believe a tree hugging hippie like me about climate change, maybe you should take a look at what CNN is reporting... Sad that it really breaks down to money and politics, but don't all of the big issues? Notice that on the list of the worst offenders, the USA is number 4, when are we going to take some responsiblity for our actions?

Flashback 4-20-06 alarming stats on global warming

Flashback 5-21-06 Greenland Glaciers


You Should Be Angry

Well, I am sure most of you have heard about the recent report on climate change. Just in case you missed it the assessment released by the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded for the first time that evidence of the earth's rising temperatures was "unequivocal" and that this warming was more than 90% likely to be the result of human activity. Pretty serious stuff coming from a panel of climate scientists! Yet here in the United States it certainly seems like nothing is going to be done... There really is just too much big oil/energy money involved... I mean isn't that George's excuse why we didn't sign the Kyoto protocol? He said it would hurt our economy.

So how about as Americans we simply change our everyday life and and for God's sake make some noise, I mean there is always power in numbers and change is possible no matter what anyone says. Stop being the typical self-centered individual and think about future generations.

Voice you opinion and help save humanity from itself before it is just too late...

For more proof you can check out this post or visit Are We Overheating?


Digg This And Then Ban Exxon Mobile

The most powerful corporation is one of the most corrupt... for some reason this doesn't really surprise me in the world that we live in? Exxon Mobile has now been accused of trying to bribe scientists with $10,000 to change their scientific findings and dispute Global Warming. Not to mention, they just reported record profits of 39.5 billion dollars, so what are we going to do about it? Just sit around and watch gas prices and pollution levels rise along with their profits?

Maybe we should try and make them pay by boycotting their gas stations? Or better yet, walk or bike to work and on short trips. It is a small step that a lot of us could take against Exxon for... well lets see, trying to destroy the planet, and humanity itself with it's own greed.

Here is a couple videos take a look...

If you would like more proof you can check out Exxpose Exxon or stop Exxon Mobile!. It certainly seems to be up to our generation to make a difference, so get out there and do what you can...


Is Our Planet Growing Growing Gone?

As I see more and more evidence coming out everyday it seems pretty obvious that there is scientific consensus that "Climate Change" is in fact happening, and has been accelerating. So my question to you is what is it that we can really do about it? Are we already past the tipping point, or is there still time left to save humanity from itself? Is greed going to drive our planet into oblivion or will greater minds prevail and unify against big money and big politics? These are the questions that need to be asked to our leaders, so do not be afraid to let your voice be heard!

Watch these videos below and let me know what you think we can do to solve this growing problem...

This video is straight from the recent World Economic Forum, these people are the brightest and best when it comes to the science behind climate change... have a listen to what they have to say. Frightening predictions on our changing world, but they do lay out a couple things that need to be done immediately if humanity is going to survive. Remember, no one country can solve this problem on it's own, now is the time for unity is our environmental policies... check out my "far out" ideas of a national recycling program or the solar powered indoors... hey just go out and make some damn noise you and I can make a difference!


Does Anyone Believe George W. Anymore?

So like most Americans I did not watch the State of the Union address last night on television. I read the news and I saw the highlights today though, and I am simply appalled. I mean first of all Bush lied to us about why we went into Iraq in the first place, the famous "weapons of mass destruction." Then Bush's administration is caught altering documents about climate change and the effects that it is having on our planet. So what do they come up with? Now all I hear coming out of his mouth is that we need to develop alternative fuels, and use less gasoline. I mean give me a break he has the power to change things... it is all just a lot of "talk" and no action. This administration has been against our planet and for dirty oil money from the beginning, and the only reason for this U-turn is because Bush finally realized that he could get a few much needed popularity points from mentioning the words "alternative fuels." What do you think? Are we really headed for a change in environmental policies? Check out the video below for a bit more information.

If you still need more proof from another source you can check out this post from 60 minutes, or if you are still a skeptic like I tend to be, perhaps this will change your mind.


A Nationwide Recycling Program?

Since I live in Michigan I am well aware of the real money behind recycling. Here in Michigan, and also in a few other states beer and soda can/bottles that are purchased are automatically required to pay an extra 5-10 cents for "deposit". People in these states have to return the empty product to any store to receive their "deposit" back. Now this does work on some level, as it forces people to think twice when they toss away a beer/soda can into the garbage.

The question to you is "should people really be forced into recycling", I mean it seems like common sense to me. If you really think about it, when you go to the store and buy a can of corn you are paying for the corn inside and the aluminum can on the outside, yet most of us will simply toss this in the trash, not even thinking that the aluminum you just tossed in the garbage is actually worth something. Sure it might not be much, but think about all the other items that could be recycled, milk containers, newspapers, beer cans, bottles, and just about anything else that is glass, aluminum, plastic, cardboard, or paper. You are literally throwing away the savage value of all of these products.
So my question is why isn't there a company out there that will pay for your trash? "One man's trash is another man's treasure" after all! So hey go out there and make a difference... I mean you can only bury so much trash before it becomes a real problem, right?!


How I Quit Smoking In Just 6 Long Months

This was one of the most difficult experiences in my life so far, but once I realized that a lot of the addiction is simply in your head, and that money was literally going up in smoke I decided to change my ways. I had tried a few times to quit before of course, but this time was a little different. First of all, I had a nasty cold and my throat was pretty tore up. Every hit that I would take was actually a bit painful and so I thought to myself, "why the hell am I torturing myself like this?" Not to mention at the time, I was half broke and couldn't really afford the nasty addiction in the first place, I just decided now was the time. I set it in my mind that I was never going to smoke again... it wasn't going to be an easy thing to do, but anything is possible. I mean wasn't there a time in my life when I didn't smoke cigarettes? So the first couple days were pretty horrible as you may expect, but I realized that this addiction was mostly all in my thought processes/habits and all I really needed to do was keep my mind occupied. Video games, plants, rolling coins, TV, exercise, pacing, literally anything to keep me from thinking about it. Now sure this was not very easy at all, but it is possible, anything and everything is possible. One of the things I noticed that what makes it difficult for a lot of people to quit is that there always seems to be all kinds of other smokers around you, but hey you need to embrace that, if anything you should think of the smoke as a good thing... at least you get a little of that sweet, sweet, nicotine right? So the more I thought about it the more I became conscious of the fact that I could beat this thing, I mean every day without smoking was another small victory, and soon every battle became easier and easier. Hey, like the title says it took me about 6 months to stop thinking about it all together, but I made it, and there are millions of other people out there that have quit too! So what I hope you can get out of this is that all you need to do is make that decision in your head that you are going to quit, and that you can quit... give yourself a reason to quite smoking cigarettes, and then try to keep your mind occupied as much as possible the first few days/weeks... even plan some stuff ahead of time. Know that it will not be a cake walk, but hey is anything these days? So what are you waiting for, "put out that smoke and breath some air..."


Religous Groups Are Even Catching On

This video from the weather channel show some of the different ways the religious groups are getting involved and spreading the word about what is happening to our planet. It is good to see the science is finally starting to win the battle here. I have read numerous articles lately about Exxon Mobile paying scientists to dispute climate change and it is really disheartening.

People though are waking up and seeing these changes for themselves though. I mean just look at this "winter" that we have had this year. I personally have never seen anything like it! I had new mum plants springing up from the ground in my backyard around Christmas and no snow what so ever here in Michigan. Plus it was just released yesterday that 2006 was the warmest year on record. These type of stories are starting to hit the front page and I say keep them coming... you can only fool the people for so long!


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