Can You See The Forest Through The Trees?

As I am sure most of you know plants and trees breath in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Well with all of the talk these days about climate change and increasing levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere you would think we would be more concerned with our disappearing rain forests. This is yet another factor that will add to the snowball effect of climate change.

Think of it this way we are releasing more and more co2 in the air every year, but there are less and less trees ever year to combat this increase in co2 levels. Not too mention as the earth warms up certain areas throughout the world that were covered with permafrost are thawing. As the ground thaws it releases the c02 that has been trapped under ground which adds to the snowball effect.

Another part of the snowball effect is when ice and snow in the poles and other areas melt it leaves nothing but water. The heat that reflects down from the sun normally reflects off the snow/ice and is not absorbed. Unfortunately, when there isn't any snow this heat is absorbed by the water which only increases the warming.

What do you think are these real problems that the human race has to deal with or should we just forget about it and go on with our everyday lives happy to scarf down that cheeseburger and enjoy our mindless reality television?

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John said...

Yes, this was very insightful...and we do need to wake up and see the effects...before it's too some respects it could be too late..the battle is ignorance of climate change vs politics of environmental protection...unfortunately the world is more or less on the ignorant ignoring side at present.

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