Is This The Death of Speculation?

It has been a rough few days for pretty much all of the speculative plays in the market. Alternative energy has been hit hard, especially the ethanol stocks. With the fed seeming like it will keep tightening rates, investors have dumped the speculation and have begun concentrating on short term earnings and not the bigger picture. I look at it as a gift of sorts. These stocks had been going up way too fast and that is why they have been coming down so hard. I mean what has really changed besides the fed? As far as I know we are still in an energy "situation" of sorts, and I don't see the price of oil plummeting in relation to these stocks. I haven't really seen much of an improvement in the middle east. Maybe I am missing something, but wasn't everyone always in this industry for the long term anyways. I suppose we need to shake out all the people on the bandwagon every once in a while to keep the prices from getting out of control. With places like Germany and Japan leading the way in the alternative energy race, I don't think it will be long before the USA, (excluding California) will follow suit and provide more government subsidies. Although, we may have to wait till the next election. Any speculative plays for me? Leave your picks below in the comment section, and I will review them, and get back with you.

Body Armor for Our Troops, Better Late Then Never

Here is a possible pick that relates to the ongoing situation in Iraq and Afganistan. The company's name is Ceradyne, stock symbol CRDN. They manufacture light-weight ceramic body armor for our men and women in uniform. Now it did take a while before our administration realized that we could help save lives by equiping our men and women in uniform with body armor. In fact, it wasn't until the American people started making a bit of noise before our government finally acted. I am sure it has saved many a life since then though. Well, with increasing tension in Iran and the war in Iraq and Afganistan with no real end in site I don't see why Ceradyne's numbers will detiriorate. Even if the war ever ends, I have a feeling this company will be able to attracked other buyers besdies the U. S. government. Of course, this stock has been thru the roof since the war started so we may have all ready missed a lot of the move. I believe it has gone up something like 13x, but with numbers like that what is another double. What do you think did we all ready miss the boat? Or is there still room to grow? What do you think of Ceradyne?

Tearing Down the Microsofty Monopoly

Just recently I had some problems with my computer that led me have to re-install Windows. During the install, all of my programs needed to be re-installed as well. So, all of a sudden I had tons of Microsoft Excel and Word files that I couldn't opened or edited, because I could not find my Microsoft Office CD. Thinking that all was lost I turned to my good friend and president of for advice. He asked me if I had heard of Open Office, I said I had as I am following relationship between Google and Sun Microsystems, but I had not used it as of yet. Well, he informed me that it opens Excel and Word files. This I had to see. So I downloaded it (for free) and so far I am very impressed. First of all, it carries all of the formulas and formats over from excel, so it was a seemless transition. Plus, did I mention that is it free. This is a huge step in the right direction for Sun Microsystems, and I applaud them for all the hard work in making the transition from Excel to Open Office so easy. Ala Firefox this is just another of the many applications that I do not have to rely on Microsoft the monopoly to provide. I wonder how long it will be before it is released in the Google Desktop Package? I cann't wait, as this hits at the core of the microsoft monopoly. I for one have never worked in an office, or been taught in school anything other than Microsoft Office. Have you? I mean, what else is there besides sun and microsofty's versions?

I Don't Know What To Say

Here is a strange version of the U2 song Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Green Maple Leaves = More Green for the USA

I know alot of growth investors these days tend to be drooling over the "amazing" growth of countries like China, Russia, and Brazil, but do we really want all our money pouring into these countries? That said, I would rather see coutries like Canada, Mexico, and the USA grow and flurish much more than China, Russia and Brazil. I tell you what, we could have avoided a lot of pain from GM and Ford if we would have kept our money in the USA, instead of Ford and GM workers turning their backs on their own companies and buying foreign automobiles. I know that we could have avoided a lot of hardships here in the great state of Michigan. So maybe we should think twice, and not make the same mistake again. As of now we are just pouring our money into foreign companies, and only hurting the average American by outsourcing everything simply because the labor laws in other countries are far more lackst. I mean what happened to the whole "buy american" thing? It just seemed to disappeared as we realized that we could buy things for $20 made in China instead of $25 for the same product only made in the USA. Sure, I buy foreign products all the time, but I just want everyone to be aware of this issue so it does not get worse. American pride has taken a backseat to American greed and I think it is time we took a stand. Hmmm, buying American to support the American economy, seems like a simple concept to me. Perhaps, it is all ready too late? Your comments are welcome.

The Internet Ready TV (Coming Soon!)

My question to you is, "how long do we have to wait for this convergence between the television and the internet"? Companies like AOL and Google have launched video services which offer TV programs available for download from places like CBS and other networks. Google has even taken it a step further, and made it so people like you and me can upload their own video to the site for free. Google even put in an option to charge a fee for ever download the video receives, just in case you feel like turning a profit on your video masterpiece. So, basically what I would like to know what is going to be the missing link? Why cann't we transfer video to and from our DVR's, computers, cell phones and video I-pods and the like? When will they implement the internet search into our TV? What is causing the big hold-up? To be able to use the internet on the TV thru the remote sure seems like the obvious next step to me. I mean it sure seems like a lot of effort is put into bringing the internet to cell phones, but none towards the television. I think the days of regular TV stations are numbered, and soon we will see stations broadcasting on the Internet. Even my blog here has numerous videos in it already. Hey, let's take it a step further and add in subscription fees just for the channels that you want. I would cherish the day when all I have to pay for on my bill was a monthly subscription to only the channels that I choose. Ala carte internet TV coming soon to a computer screen or TV near you! Leave your feedback under in the comments section if you wish?

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