Green Maple Leaves = More Green for the USA

I know alot of growth investors these days tend to be drooling over the "amazing" growth of countries like China, Russia, and Brazil, but do we really want all our money pouring into these countries? That said, I would rather see coutries like Canada, Mexico, and the USA grow and flurish much more than China, Russia and Brazil. I tell you what, we could have avoided a lot of pain from GM and Ford if we would have kept our money in the USA, instead of Ford and GM workers turning their backs on their own companies and buying foreign automobiles. I know that we could have avoided a lot of hardships here in the great state of Michigan. So maybe we should think twice, and not make the same mistake again. As of now we are just pouring our money into foreign companies, and only hurting the average American by outsourcing everything simply because the labor laws in other countries are far more lackst. I mean what happened to the whole "buy american" thing? It just seemed to disappeared as we realized that we could buy things for $20 made in China instead of $25 for the same product only made in the USA. Sure, I buy foreign products all the time, but I just want everyone to be aware of this issue so it does not get worse. American pride has taken a backseat to American greed and I think it is time we took a stand. Hmmm, buying American to support the American economy, seems like a simple concept to me. Perhaps, it is all ready too late? Your comments are welcome.

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Ayasha Kieth said...

I guess, we should support the products of our very own country first, before we start buying other nation's items right? I do agree with you.

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