Tearing Down the Microsofty Monopoly

Just recently I had some problems with my computer that led me have to re-install Windows. During the install, all of my programs needed to be re-installed as well. So, all of a sudden I had tons of Microsoft Excel and Word files that I couldn't opened or edited, because I could not find my Microsoft Office CD. Thinking that all was lost I turned to my good friend and president of theamusementmachine.com for advice. He asked me if I had heard of Open Office, I said I had as I am following relationship between Google and Sun Microsystems, but I had not used it as of yet. Well, he informed me that it opens Excel and Word files. This I had to see. So I downloaded it (for free) and so far I am very impressed. First of all, it carries all of the formulas and formats over from excel, so it was a seemless transition. Plus, did I mention that is it free. This is a huge step in the right direction for Sun Microsystems, and I applaud them for all the hard work in making the transition from Excel to Open Office so easy. Ala Firefox this is just another of the many applications that I do not have to rely on Microsoft the monopoly to provide. I wonder how long it will be before it is released in the Google Desktop Package? I cann't wait, as this hits at the core of the microsoft monopoly. I for one have never worked in an office, or been taught in school anything other than Microsoft Office. Have you? I mean, what else is there besides sun and microsofty's versions?

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Solveig Haugland said...

Great to hear you like OpenOffice! It's a great program and, to my mind, much more "obedient" than Microsoft Office. To control the automatic formatting choose Tools > AutoFormat and you can turn off anything that might annoy you like word completion. Choose Tools > Options to set up a zillion default values.

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