The Internet Ready TV (Coming Soon!)

My question to you is, "how long do we have to wait for this convergence between the television and the internet"? Companies like AOL and Google have launched video services which offer TV programs available for download from places like CBS and other networks. Google has even taken it a step further, and made it so people like you and me can upload their own video to the site for free. Google even put in an option to charge a fee for ever download the video receives, just in case you feel like turning a profit on your video masterpiece. So, basically what I would like to know what is going to be the missing link? Why cann't we transfer video to and from our DVR's, computers, cell phones and video I-pods and the like? When will they implement the internet search into our TV? What is causing the big hold-up? To be able to use the internet on the TV thru the remote sure seems like the obvious next step to me. I mean it sure seems like a lot of effort is put into bringing the internet to cell phones, but none towards the television. I think the days of regular TV stations are numbered, and soon we will see stations broadcasting on the Internet. Even my blog here has numerous videos in it already. Hey, let's take it a step further and add in subscription fees just for the channels that you want. I would cherish the day when all I have to pay for on my bill was a monthly subscription to only the channels that I choose. Ala carte internet TV coming soon to a computer screen or TV near you! Leave your feedback under in the comments section if you wish?

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Ayasha Kieth said...

As years go by, our technology is getting and getting more of a high tech than ever before.

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