Hello Moto (Long Live Cell Phones!)

Cell phones have certainly become a necessity in today's fast pace world, for just about everyone in America and many other places in the world. They are not just phones anymore, cell phone have become cameras , both still and video. Motorola and Nokia could even possibly replace the MP3 player (i-pod) soon, and they are working on a more internet based phone. They are also even global positioning devices or GPS. Well, many anaylsts think that the market here in the USA has dried up, but I say with the new products like Motorola stock symbol (mot) Razr and Slivr, every spoiled little high schooler is going to be begging for the lastest phone. That is just the USA, places like China, India and just about every other place in the world are still developing, and largely untapped. Companies like Motorola and Nokia (nok) are finally starting to take advantage of these markets and we can start to see it reflected in their numbers. I think that cell phones in general are a great long term investment, but you can judge for yourself. Ask yourself this question, "do you think cell phones are going to disappear or be replaced by some other technology in the next year"? Five year? Ten years? Twenty? How long do you think the cell phone will last? Post your prediction below in the comments section.

Google Train and The Forming Tech Alliance

We have explored the magical world of alternative energy, now what other industries are out there that you think could have the type of explosive growth? Personally I think "Technology", but not in the same old boring names like Microsoft. I think that there is a growing tech rally going on right now, and that it will not be held back much longer. The tech alliance is being form and guess what? Microsoft and Intel sure arn't invited, but AMD and Sun Micro seem to be. Now you might be thinking to yourself Gee-Weez, what company could it be at the heart of this tech alliance? Pretty simple really it is that all powerful Google. The unstoppable force that is google has been the greatest step forward for tech in years. So how are they doing it? Well, it is really quite simply. Microsoft is and has always been about charging for alot of their services that they provide. Now google on the other hand has been about giving away almost everything for free and then making it all back by taking it away from the big and small companies instead of the individuals pockets. Basically, they have built massive brand loyalty as everyone and their mother hates, but cannot do without Microsoft. Not only that, but they have helped people all over the world make extra cash with a little work on a website. So the next time an analayst says that google does not have enough of a diversified revenue stream, just think to yourselves about all the things they give away for free, that they could be charging for. Google Analytics, for example used to be a pay service until Google gobbled it up. Any thoughts?


Global Warming (How long do we have?)

On this the day after Earth day. I begin to wonder, "how quickly are we really destorying the earth"? How many more decades, years, months, hours, or minutes do we have before we past the point of no return, in which we have caused so much damage that it becomes irreversible? Who knows, we could be past it all ready. One thing is for sure, the scientific debate is long over, but unfortunetly we still lack a real plan. I think this needs to be addressed more on a global scale and soon. I know the Kyoto protocol is out there, but without the U. S. A. and other nations like Australia stepping up it would appear that things are just going to get progressively worse. How many species need to become extinct before we act? Just a few inches of extra water across the world won't affect anything right? Let's ask the people in Alaska and in every coastal area in the world what they think. Well, what can we do to change things? Any thoughts?

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