Google Train and The Forming Tech Alliance

We have explored the magical world of alternative energy, now what other industries are out there that you think could have the type of explosive growth? Personally I think "Technology", but not in the same old boring names like Microsoft. I think that there is a growing tech rally going on right now, and that it will not be held back much longer. The tech alliance is being form and guess what? Microsoft and Intel sure arn't invited, but AMD and Sun Micro seem to be. Now you might be thinking to yourself Gee-Weez, what company could it be at the heart of this tech alliance? Pretty simple really it is that all powerful Google. The unstoppable force that is google has been the greatest step forward for tech in years. So how are they doing it? Well, it is really quite simply. Microsoft is and has always been about charging for alot of their services that they provide. Now google on the other hand has been about giving away almost everything for free and then making it all back by taking it away from the big and small companies instead of the individuals pockets. Basically, they have built massive brand loyalty as everyone and their mother hates, but cannot do without Microsoft. Not only that, but they have helped people all over the world make extra cash with a little work on a website. So the next time an analayst says that google does not have enough of a diversified revenue stream, just think to yourselves about all the things they give away for free, that they could be charging for. Google Analytics, for example used to be a pay service until Google gobbled it up. Any thoughts?


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Bushwacker said...

Microsoft and Google have contributed great advantages on our technology today. It's just that, sometimes people used them on their own personal gains.

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