Who I Would Vote For?

Really not a tough question considering what the moron in office has done over the past 8 years... we need change and we need it 4 years ago! So, obviously I would vote Democratic whether it is Hilary or Obama I really don't care, because there is no way that I would consider McCain a fit candidate.

That being said if it is blowout, like I expect it to be and the Democrats are killing the Republicans in the polls this is who I am going to write in for president... Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont who is a Independent... that right an elected official that is not a Democrat or Republican! Who knew such a thing could even exist a politician that is not just a puppet show for special interests... crazy : )

I was beginning to think I was the only one that thought like this...


Al Gore: How Dare We Be Optimistic

This video just released and is an updated version of Al Gore's famous slide show on climate change that was presented around the world. With ice levels continuing to shrink, and droughts around the world worsening over the past few years, I think people are finally beginning to realize that this is in fact a crisis.

It is so true that if we had a drought like the one in Australia the American people would have a much different view on how severe climate change really is. Just because it hasn't happened here yet doesn't mean that we won't see it in the future. We have already experienced droughts, wintertime tornadoes, increasing temperatures, massive hurricanes and more violent storms.

The time for our government to act is now! How about creating some manufacturing plants for solar panels and wind turbine plants? How about manufacturing much higher fuel efficient vehicles instead of wasting our tax dollars on a unpopular war that has accomplished next to nothing? Our economy is in the tank and this would be a great way to create jobs and help solve the climate crisis at the same time. What we need now is the government subsidies from the oil and coal industries to be transferred to wind, solar and geothermal. This is the simple solution, the problem is that the oil and coal industries are the ones pulling the strings on the puppet in the White House and many other government officials. What is your say?

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