Is This The Death of Speculation?

It has been a rough few days for pretty much all of the speculative plays in the market. Alternative energy has been hit hard, especially the ethanol stocks. With the fed seeming like it will keep tightening rates, investors have dumped the speculation and have begun concentrating on short term earnings and not the bigger picture. I look at it as a gift of sorts. These stocks had been going up way too fast and that is why they have been coming down so hard. I mean what has really changed besides the fed? As far as I know we are still in an energy "situation" of sorts, and I don't see the price of oil plummeting in relation to these stocks. I haven't really seen much of an improvement in the middle east. Maybe I am missing something, but wasn't everyone always in this industry for the long term anyways. I suppose we need to shake out all the people on the bandwagon every once in a while to keep the prices from getting out of control. With places like Germany and Japan leading the way in the alternative energy race, I don't think it will be long before the USA, (excluding California) will follow suit and provide more government subsidies. Although, we may have to wait till the next election. Any speculative plays for me? Leave your picks below in the comment section, and I will review them, and get back with you.

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Bushwacker said...

With all these high stocks going in and out of our country, these things should be used for the progress of everyone.

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