Is Our Planet Growing Growing Gone?

As I see more and more evidence coming out everyday it seems pretty obvious that there is scientific consensus that "Climate Change" is in fact happening, and has been accelerating. So my question to you is what is it that we can really do about it? Are we already past the tipping point, or is there still time left to save humanity from itself? Is greed going to drive our planet into oblivion or will greater minds prevail and unify against big money and big politics? These are the questions that need to be asked to our leaders, so do not be afraid to let your voice be heard!

Watch these videos below and let me know what you think we can do to solve this growing problem...

This video is straight from the recent World Economic Forum, these people are the brightest and best when it comes to the science behind climate change... have a listen to what they have to say. Frightening predictions on our changing world, but they do lay out a couple things that need to be done immediately if humanity is going to survive. Remember, no one country can solve this problem on it's own, now is the time for unity is our environmental policies... check out my "far out" ideas of a national recycling program or the solar powered indoors... hey just go out and make some damn noise you and I can make a difference!


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