Religous Groups Are Even Catching On

This video from the weather channel show some of the different ways the religious groups are getting involved and spreading the word about what is happening to our planet. It is good to see the science is finally starting to win the battle here. I have read numerous articles lately about Exxon Mobile paying scientists to dispute climate change and it is really disheartening.

People though are waking up and seeing these changes for themselves though. I mean just look at this "winter" that we have had this year. I personally have never seen anything like it! I had new mum plants springing up from the ground in my backyard around Christmas and no snow what so ever here in Michigan. Plus it was just released yesterday that 2006 was the warmest year on record. These type of stories are starting to hit the front page and I say keep them coming... you can only fool the people for so long!



Christi said...

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Jenny said...

That's a rather disturbing article on EXXON. Not surprising though.

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