Vasco Data Securities Impressive Results

That was a beautiful thing... up almost 13% on a down 300 day means there are good things to come. Added 631 new customers 113 of those banks during the past quarter is a very good sign of continued growth as well. "VASCO (vdsi) said banks and financial institutions represented the biggest chunk of second-quarter revenues, with the majority outside the U.S. Europe accounted for 65 percent of revenues, Asia 16 percent, the U.S. 8 percent and other countries 14 percent." Impressive that they can produce those kind of earnings with only 8% in the United States...

Not to mention CEO Ken Hunt said global expansion is part of the companies long-term strategy and it plans to open offices in Tokyo and Sao Paolo, Brazil... Sounds good to me. Lastly they are just under a billion in market cap, not a very large company but with solid and growing revenues and customer base. So, while this stock is slightly "expensive" on a p/e basis it only has a small amount of analyst coverage and the few who do cover the stock will be upgrading it soon and with even more analysts jumping on board comes the big money. As long as Vasco can continue to produce results like these this stock should continue to run... What are your thoughts on todays earning report? For more information you can always visit their site here.

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