Google: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Google reported earnings today that missed by three cents ($3.56 earning per share vs the estimated $3.59 per share) and beat in revenues! This will be a good buying opportunity in the end, but tomorrow and even the next few weeks might be a bit rough. Google is still growing it's cash pile as well and I like that at least they admitting that the hiring/expense was a little out of control. At least they recognize this and will try and tighten up the loose ends as they feel the growing pains.

It seems as if everyone will be on the bandwagon for a bit, but the long term story has not changed. The internet is growing everyday and google has a ton of different revenue streams that they just decide to give away for free. This just creates more and more user loyalty and in turn ad dollars... Think about it how often do you use Google everyday? Or think about how many new Internet users there are everyday. Or how about all the opportunities in mobile phone advertising, print advertising and audio advertising that are just starting for the big Goog. I got another one how about the presidential election next year and all the money that we be spent to try and bag the young voters.

Hold tight everyone this is gonna be a rocky ride!

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