It's The End Of The World

Greenpeace had it right all along... I just found this video today, but it was first released in the 90s. Sad that nothing has really been accomplished since then at least here in the good old USA.

You can find out more about Greenpeace here.


Anonymous said...

The creators of this video would do well to look up the origins of that song. One, it's about high school debate. And Two, it's specifically in reference to the idea that despite lots of warning and evidence that "it's the end of the world as we know it", it's not a big deal or "I'm still fine"

C'mon guys, pick the right song!

Anonymous said...

I first saw this video in Summer 1997 when I was back in India and it was distributed by some UK-based IT magazine. I had stored this AVI video on my CD, but it got damaged and as a result I lost it. I never thought back then that the Global Warming debate would become so important as it is today after 10 years. I came looking for this video on your web site. I'm thankful to you for posting this video. I now wonder how would I be seeing this video again in 2017 and 2027.

1Green Thumb said...

Thanks for the comments... I think that people will look back and say why the hell didn't we start working on the solutions sooner?

With so much government red tape quick action is just not possible, but hey at least we have Google willing to make significant investments in generating cheaper and much efficient energies...

Funny that we have to rely on a corporation to show us the way.

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