Who The Hell Is Sarah Palin?

It really upsets me that politicians can just outright lie to the American public with absolutely no consequences. In fact, these lies might be what changes the election this year. Why is it that they think that they can get away with it. This will be one of the most important elections in history and the Republicans are trying to muddy the waters to get us to focus on something else other than the issues. We are at war, the economy is in the shitter, we are destroying are planet at record rates, our education system has fallen behind, and all we want to talk about is lipstick. Who give a .... about lipstick!

Here is a video that shows you the real Sarah Palin. The only thing they forgot is that she doesn't believe in climate change. What an ignorant beauty queen...

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Liz Corde said...

Imagine if you would, Sarah Palin as a Democrat and how the Republicans would be treating her. Pretty different from the butt kissing she's getting now, wouldn't you say?

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