David Letterman KO's Bill O'Reilly

"You are putting words in my mouth, just like the way you put artificial facts in your head." That was one of the best lines I have ever heard come out of David Letterman's mouth! It is funny that O'Reilly kept saying Bush was a evil man, running this country... hmmm perhaps he is starting to catch on after all! The facts are actually quite simple... we went over there because George W. Bush said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction... there were no weapons of mass destruction and there is no link between Iraq and 9-11... funny that most of the hi-jackers were from Saudia Arabia yet we don't even think about doing anything to them... afterall they give us lots of oil will no problems at all. The fact that Bill O'Reilly admitted it is all about oil says it all. American blood for oil... does that sound like a good idea to you?

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bigtimer1254 said...

To Bill O'Reilly,
I like the way you look on a show with a laughing audience. You look funny.
I also like that part when they started laughing when you said on one of your other vids. that you don't know what Harrack Obama is gonna do. That you may end up without a job, and may end up living in San Franciso (Long Island) And everybody started laughing.
This is better than the Johnny Carson Show.

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