The Climate Wars Part 2

This episode of The Climate Wars shows the other side of the climate change debate. It takes a look at the climate skeptics and gives their point of view. Seriously, I can't believe there are still so many ignorant people still out there. I mean either way shouldn't we be moving towards energy independence? It is a fact that the earth is warming and the glaciers are melting... Shouldn't we do something about it instead of having the debate being clouded by politics and oil money.

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just for me said...

To be honest, I’m a skeptic. I don’t believe in global warming although that isn’t a phrase that isn’t used much anymore. We now hear the rather more friendly term *climate change*. I have to admit that I believe in climate change because in my life time I have seen it. (When I was in school I was taught about the perils of the coming ice age. 30 years later there is no ice age and the danger now is global warming) This is where people usually then ask me what the difference is and why I even say I’m a skeptic. Well the difference for me is that one is caused by nature and the other is claimed to be caused by man. The earth warms up and cools down and has done so on it’s own for as long as we can scientifically check. Global warming on the other hand is nothing more then extremely flawed science, political hype, and scare-mongering. What we need, and yet have never gotten, is true research into why the earth was warming up and cooling down long before man came onto the scene. Sadly I don’t think that will ever happen as the move to the term *climate change* underscores the fact that the people who started the whole global warming scare in the first place did so for political and not scientific reasons. Not if, but when the world cools off, as science is indicating is happening now, these people that are using the new term *climate change* can show just how smart they were to see the *new* trend and point it out to us. It’s nothing more then a cover your ass term.

1Green Thumb said...

Did you even watch the documentary?

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