The Amazon River Dries Up (Does Anyone Care?)

The worst drought in decades....

Check out more climate change videos here!


Anonymous said...

This is not a question on "what is nature", what the word means and the problem of nature in general.
This picture is taken in "nature" and not in the urban place. Or not?
Didn't we agried, that "natur" is under the eye of phisics and chemistry. And not "gilty eye looking" urbans who are crying for the past clean nature (unahibitit places) and not doing anything.
good luck and regards SK

Paul said...

We're all gonna die!

Pepper said...

I believe you left a comment on my page. Which is great because they gave me an opportunity to check out your page. Amazon River... my goal. They are doing reforestation in Honduras and Guatemala. I was fortunate to see the land that they are restoring but I also the devastation. They are tearing down more than they are building and IT affects all of us. I hope it is not to late. Does anyone care I would say so - myself being one.

I am the supposed male basher but I am not :-)

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