Dr. David Suzuki Warns Us All

I have seen this gentlemen before and he is a very sharp character. Listen to Dr. David Suzuki talk about humans and what we are doing to our environment. This man has traveled the world and seen the devastating effect of climate change on our planet. It is important to realize just how bad things are so we can push for change. Hopefully with President Barack Obama in office our environmental policies will change dramatically. I know it couldn't be much worse than what Bush did...

What do you think about what Dr. David Suzuki had to say?


Stephen said...

Dr. Zook is pretty cool -- good to see his message is being heard around the world.

Elijah said...

The David Suzuki Foundation is working to convince the Canadian government to implement a green stimulus. We're doing that behind the scenes through meetings with government officials, and through public advocacy.

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Elijah van der Giessen
Communications Coordinator
David Suzuki Foundation

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