Coming Soon To Detroit The Electric Car

This was an ad from 1907... that's right 1907 for an electric cars... Sad that the technology was available way back then but the stubborn car and oil companies refused to produce them. I guess they get what they deserve now for producing such gas guzzling cars. Even living in Michigan I can't really help but root against them...


Anonymous said...


The electric car was expensive with low speed and short range in 1907. The electric car still has the same problem. Clara Ford drove her electric car until the 1930s, approximately 20 years.

Kettering introduced the electric starter in the 1912 Cadillac and "killed the electric car" in the 20th Century.

Al Hodges

1Green Thumb said...

Right, because the auto industry couldn't have improved on the electric technology in the past 70 years or so... give me a break!!!

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