The Art Of Ripping Off An Average American Worker

Ok, here's the problem I've been running into for the past few months. Being that I live in Michigan, I had been looking for a job for quite some time. I did most of my job searching online at places like monster and Well, I started to notice that almost every job that I looked at was posted by a staffing company or temporary service like Kelly's Services or Manpower. It seems to be the perfect scam for these "middle-men". They let the company that needs workers feel all warm and fuzy by making it seem as if the employees that they are hiring are already pre-screened. Then once the person starts working, the staffing or temporary service takes 1/2 to 1/3 of their hard earned paycheck every week. Now this is a real problem, because it seems to be happening more and more. I think it is time that we cut out the middleman. It makes me sick to think of all the money that these staffing or temp services are making by riding on the backs of the american worker. I know I am not the only one with this problem. Please, let your voice be heard. Let's stop hard working American's from losing their paychecks to some worthless piggy backer. Encourage business to hire direct!! Maybe this way we won't have to raise the minimum wages anytime soon. Thanks in advance for your input.

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Lee McKenzie said...

Agreed, perhaps "temp services" should be government or state run assistance programs that "hand off" workers to employers rather than enslave them. Temp services are able to quickly find workers for employers which is a good gap to fill, but their end goal is not in the best interest of the workers or the employers. Maybe Michigan should start some state run "job assistance" programs and run those temp services out of business. Sounds like well spent tax money to me.

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