Hurricanes & Global Warming

Here is the simple science of it. Hurricanes feed and strengthen over warmer waters. Fossil Fuels and other forms of pollutants are causing the oceans to warm. Hmm, you make the connection. In a study released just yesterday it is estimated there is an 84 percent chance that at least two-thirds of the sea surface temperature increase in the past century was due to human activity. This conclusion was reached by using 22 unique computer models from 10 different climate centers around the world that recorded changes in the past century. One these days it sure would seem that there would be enough research out there to satisfy all the critics of Global warming. What do you think? Are you still not convinced this could be a problem. See the actual report at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Brezlon said...

Perhaps the biggest problem is how the media portrays it:

Global = Earth + Warming = Good feeling, especially in winter when they (media) are suddenly saying "Oh no, the temperature has gone up!"

If you were shivering in your car in the middle of winter and heard that on the radio, it might not sound like a bad thing at all...

1Green Thumb said...

Ah there was just a study that NASA released showing the massive amount of ice that has melted in the summer of 2006 in the artic. I will paste the link below.

It is funny, I guess NBD nightly news did a story on this article and said that scientist could not find a link to global warming at this time. Makes me glad I don't believe everything I see on TV.

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