Body Armor for Our Troops, Better Late Then Never

Here is a possible pick that relates to the ongoing situation in Iraq and Afganistan. The company's name is Ceradyne, stock symbol CRDN. They manufacture light-weight ceramic body armor for our men and women in uniform. Now it did take a while before our administration realized that we could help save lives by equiping our men and women in uniform with body armor. In fact, it wasn't until the American people started making a bit of noise before our government finally acted. I am sure it has saved many a life since then though. Well, with increasing tension in Iran and the war in Iraq and Afganistan with no real end in site I don't see why Ceradyne's numbers will detiriorate. Even if the war ever ends, I have a feeling this company will be able to attracked other buyers besdies the U. S. government. Of course, this stock has been thru the roof since the war started so we may have all ready missed a lot of the move. I believe it has gone up something like 13x, but with numbers like that what is another double. What do you think did we all ready miss the boat? Or is there still room to grow? What do you think of Ceradyne?

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Bushwacker said...

In our modern world today, with lots of wars...blood splattered everywhere. . . the government should equipped their forces of army, men or women with that kind of armour, as to help them save their lives while they are protecting us.

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